53-Year-Old Man had Sex with Schoolgirl and Proposed to Marry Her

A 53-year-old Pakistani man has been jailed for having sex with schoolgirl. He proposed marriage and claimed he would leave his family for her.

53-Year-Old Man had Sex with Schoolgirl and Proposed to Marry Her

He proposed marriage to her and wanted to take the girl away to Pakistan.

A Pakistani man received a jail sentence of 4 and a half years for having sex with schoolgirl. However, he also claimed to love her and even proposed marriage to the 13-year-old girl.

Police originally convicted Akhtar Hussain with a count of rape. However, he pleaded guilty to an offence of having sexual activity with a child.

The judge accepted this and therefore, sentenced him to the four and a half years imprisonment.

The court heard how Hussain claimed to have developed strong feelings for the girl. Before he proposed marriage to her, the man had sex with schoolgirl in a Bradford rented room in July 2016.

He named her as his girlfriend and repeatedly professed claims of love.

He proposed marriage to her and wanted to take the girl away to Pakistan. Hussain also supposedly said he would leave his family to be with her.

However, the girl became reported missing by her family. Police arrested Hussain soon after. During questioning, the 13-year-old girl revealed how she had been with the man sexually a few days before.

Police also arranged a medical examination for the girl. The results showed an injury linking to recent sexual activity. They also found traces of Hussain’s semen in her knickers.

Initially, Hussain denied sex with schoolgirl and claims of proposed marriage. His statement said: “No more questions; dirty questions. She is like my granddaughter.”

However, during his trial, he pleaded guilty.

Prosecutor, Jayne Beckett, revealed the aftermath of what happened to the girl, who had moved to the UK with her family from Poland:

“Her father says she used to be always playing and now she is very different.

“She found it difficult when she came to England from Poland, and then this happened and she cannot erase it from her memory. She feels like it is with her all the time.”

While the judge acknowledged Hussain’s infatuation with the girl, he deemed his actions as “driven entirely by sexual gratification”.

An NSPCC spokesperson highlighted the importance in tackling these cases of child abuse. They also mentioned how children need to have the confidence in speaking out and the assurance that police will support them.

The 13-year-old girl and her family have since returned back to Poland.

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Image courtesy of Telegraph and Argus.

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