Indo-Canadian Man filmed Violent Murder of Estranged Wife

An Indo-Canadian man brutally murdered his estranged wife in a Brampton park. He filmed the attack and shared it on social media.

Indo-Canadian Man filmed Violent Murder of Estranged Wife f

"this is too late for us."

An Indo-Canadian man has been arrested for the murder of his estranged wife.

Forty-three-year-old Davinder Kaur was tragically stabbed by Nav Nishan Singh in a park in Brampton on May 19, 2023.

Singh allegedly filmed the attack and shared it on social media.

Footage appeared to show a bleeding Davinder in a creek while a man, believed to be Singh, was heard verbally abusing her.

Officers received a call for medical assistance at around 6 pm.

Emergency crews found Davinder with “obvious signs of trauma”. Despite the efforts of Peel paramedics, she died at the scene.

Police located Singh about two kilometres away and he was arrested.

He was charged with first-degree murder and appeared in a Brampton courtroom.

According to her brother, Davinder had agreed to meet her estranged husband at the park.

US-based Lakhwinder Singh said his sister had been contemplating divorce from her husband, who left six months ago.

The two met in Sparrow Park, located near Cherrytree Drive and Sparrow Court, where she was attacked.

Lakhwinder said he was told by his sister that Singh wanted to meet her to talk about living together again.

He said: “I was shocked. I stopped my car. I was crying. I tried to call everyone. I did try to call the Canadian police, everybody, but this is too late for us.”

They had been married for more than 20 years and had four children together. Three live in Brampton while the fourth child lives in India.

Lakhwinder said his eldest sister was a “great person” and dedicated to her family.

He said: “She was raising kids, working hard. She was a really nice person.

“I don’t know how come he can do that… It’s a bad loss for us. She was like my mom. She raised me too.”

The family is now worried about her children.

Lakhwinder added: “The kids are alone there. We don’t really have anybody there. The kids are alone by themselves.

“They are in a bad situation too but we have to accept that now she is no more.”

He and family members in India are trying to get to Canada for the funeral.

Lakhwinder said:

“If people has any issue with their family or anybody, just sort it out, don’t kill anybody.”

“This is not the right way. We lost our sister.”

The graphic video of the murder has circulated online and it has prompted advocates to call on social media giants to remove it.

In a statement, the Peel Committee Against Women Abuse (PCAWA) said it is “outraged and deeply saddened” at the news that Davinder was allegedly murdered by her estranged husband.

Maria Zigouris, PCAWA co-chair, said:

“Femicides are a systemic issue that reflect the systemic inequities and patriarchal systems that condone, normalise and encourage acts of gender-based violence.”

The committee plans to ask Peel Region at an upcoming regional council meeting to declare intimate-partner violence and gender-based violence to be an epidemic.

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