Husband punched and hit Estranged Wife with Coffee Jar

A husband assaulted his estranged wife by punching the victim at her residence and later hitting her with a coffee jar in a car.

Husband punched and hit Estranged Wife with Coffee Jar f

“Matters blew up and police ended up getting involved."

Raja Sikander Ali maliciously attacked his estranged wife on two occasions: punching the victim at her residence and assaulting her with a coffee jar.

It was revealed to Preston Crown Court that Ali married the victim on April 2018, but by February 2019 the couple had separated. The woman also had three children from a previous relationship.

According to prosecutor Roger Brown, at 11.10 pm on July 11, 2019, the estranged wife was at her Accrington home with her children when she heard the doorbell ring.

Initially, she ignored it but then decided to open the front door followed by her children.

Mr Brown continued to state 34-year-old Ali was standing at the door, raised his arm, clenched his right fist and assaulted the victim in the face.

As a result of this, the victim was left screaming in pain and rang the police from her mobile phone. Ali ran off towards Accrington railway station to escape.

His estranged wife flagged down a nearby police car and reported the incident to them. Mr Brown declared at that stage the defendant was not arrested.

The prosecutor mentioned the period following the assault, Ali resorted to threatening the woman and her family.

Despite the exchange, the pair were in contact on July 22, 2019. Ali’s estranged wife planned to meet him and bring him to her home the next day.

Ali who is from Neath Close, Blackburn was picked up by the victim from Blackburn railway station on July 23, 2019.

Mr Brown said upon Ali entering the car he began attacking the victim with a coffee jar on the head.

After this second assault, the victim arrived back at her residence where the police noticed she was “in a state” and was injured.

However, defence barrister Bob Elias claimed his client’s version of events stated that the pair argued in the car. Ali pushed his estranged wife and she hit her head on the door handle.

Lancashire Telegraph reported that Ali pleaded guilty to two counts of assault. Mr Elias said:

“Sometimes the less said the better on behalf of a defendant. This may be such an occasion. Some of what Mr Brown outlined isn’t acceptable.

“What is clear is that (the) lady was put in a difficult position by her own family and had taken (action) against this defendant.

“Matters blew up and police ended up getting involved. He’s accepted two criminal acts. I don’t suggest we say anything more than that.”

Ali, having accepted two criminal offences, Recorder Michelle Brown stated:

“I know you pleaded guilty in the full knowledge the complaint had withdrawn her support against you and didn’t want to attend court to give evidence against you.”

Ali was sentenced to four months in jail.

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