Imran Ashraf accused of Disrespecting ‘Mazaaq Raat’ Guests

Imran Ashraf was initially praised for his hosting skills on ‘Mazaaq Raat’ but viewers are now accusing him of disrespecting the guests.

Imran Ashraf accused of Disrespecting 'Mazaaq Raat' Guests f

the topic of conversation turned towards nepotism

Imran Ashraf is the new host of Mazaaq Raat, which was previously hosted by Vasay Chaudhry.

However, fans of the show are questioning Imran’s interview style, following his interview with Usman Mukhtar.

Viewers said Imran came across as judgmental whilst doing interviews, and fans are not happy with his interview style.

He was also called out for his body language, being overly opinionated and not allowing the guest to finish off their sentences.

During the interview with Usman Mukhtar, Usman was praised for being able to maintain his composure even though the episode seemed to intensify at times.

Imran had asked Usman if he ever read the script before signing up for a project, to which Usman replied that he did.

Imran then went on to ask if he had read the script for Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

Usman said that he had read the script, which then led to Imran asking if it had not occurred to him that the main leads of the drama were two women (Kubra Khan and Mahira Khan).

Usman replied: “Sir, I don’t think it’s bad.

“You see in dramas and films a male always plays the part of a hero, and the woman plays a supportive character.”

Imran Ashraf interrupted Usman and implied that dramas were now only based on women.

He then spoke about his own work experience that when he read a script, Imran thought of the backlash it could cause.

He asked Usman if he had ever thought about the same backlash when choosing his scripts in order to avoid criticism.

During the interview, the topic of conversation turned towards nepotism, which is largely seen with the younger generation of actors in the drama industry.

Fans believed that this was a subtle attack on Usman himself, as he is the son of film actress Nasira.

Many social media users came forward and questioned Imran’s hosting skills, and many believe that although he began strong, maybe he should just stick to acting instead.

One individual wrote:

“Imran is so disrespectful in this video.”

“Nepotism kids are talented too, if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be popular. It’s just that they are easily brought into the industry.”

Another asked: “What is wrong with Imran? He is coming across as stupid. Strange.”

A third added: “I can’t stand Imran Ashraf. I’m not interested in Mazaaq Raat anymore because of him.”

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