Boxer Amir Khan looking at a Move into Politics?

Former world boxing champion, Amir Khan is known for his credentials inside and outside the ring. Is he now looking at a career in politics?

Amir Khan launches Emergency Appeal to Help India f

“In fact, I would love to help the country."

Renowned British Asian boxer, Amir Khan has opened up about a possible career in politics in his home country, Pakistan.

The 33-year-old former world champion, who embarked on a successful pro career after winning an Olympic silver medal in 2004, is considering life post boxing.

Amir Khan has not fought in the ring for more than a year and it appears he is weighing out his options.

Outside the ring, Amir Khan has worked with several charities including his own charity, Amir Khan Foundation in the UK, the Middle East and Pakistan.

His charity helps disadvantaged children and victims that suffer in disasters across the globe.

While there is no doubting his credentials, the professional boxer asked his social media fans for their opinion. Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

“I have been asked numerous times if I would join politics in Pakistan. Being a sportsman and being an ambassador for the country, I’m honoured to be asked if I would take part in politics.

“In fact, I would love to help the country. I would love to make Pakistan a better place and be a massive help in many areas.

“Being it sport, education, stopping child labouring and many more things.

“We will all leave this world one day but whilst we still around, we all should do our bit.”

He further added:

“I’ve sat with many politicians and army generals agreeing and disagreeing on topics in the country. My heart is clean and I would want the best for Pakistan.”

Amir Khan also spoke about the influence of fellow boxer Manny Pacquiao. He said:

“Let’s see how things play out. My old stablemate world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao also joined politics in the Philippines.

“I have been watching the great work of Manny Pacquiao has done for his country and I know I could do the same for Pakistan. It will be a massive decision to make.

“I one day might consider this. I’d like to ask my followers what they think about this?”

However, it appears his fans do not support his possible move into politics. One user wrote:

“Don’t go for politics in Pakistan. There is a very bad image of politicians among ordinary people here in Pakistan.

“To be honest, these politicians of Pakistan will never want you to join politics. You can do more for Pakistan without joining politics.”

This view was largely supported by many of his social media fans. Whereas, other users wished him luck saying:

“For politics in Pakistan, you must have a big heart to bear all sorts of criticism … Getting into politics may be easy but going through all this won’t be easy!! Good luck champ!!”

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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