Kiran Ashfaque opens up on Divorce from Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf’s ex-wife Kiran Ashfaque has opened up on her separation from the actor in a Q&A with fans on Instagram.

Kiran Ashfaque opens up on Divorce from Imran Ashraf f


“Not all that glitters is gold.”

Kiran Ashfaque has broken her silence on her separation from actor Imran Ashraf.

The pair got married in 2018 and had a son together. However, they announced their divorce on October 18, 2022.

To the surprise of Imran’s supporters, Kiran has now revealed details of their separation and hinted at the potential contributing factors.

In an interactive Q&A session on her Instagram stories, Kiran, who is now actively working in showbiz, shared that she is leading a peaceful life.

But she revealed that her marriage was far from peaceful.

The Instagram stories Q&A began when a fan asked:

“What was the reason for your divorce? We used to call you guys an ideal couple.”

Kiran responded: “Not all that glitters is gold.”

Another fan said: “But Imran Ashraf was so nice… Why’d you get a divorce?”

Kiran sharply replied: “Why don’t you ask him why he gave me a divorce?”

One fan asked: “I heard that you were too bold, that’s why he divorced you?”

To this, the actress shared: “I was always bold, check my old pictures. I changed myself for someone.

“And now this is my advice to everyone; never change yourself for anyone.”

A user went on to ask: “What should one not tolerate in a relationship?”

Kiran advised: “The moment you see red flags run!”

Another asked: “How does one detect red flags?”

Kiran said:

“There can be many signs but the most important is disrespect.”

On the contrary, when a user asked: “If one’s husband is nice, should they compromise with in-laws?”

Kiran maintained: “If one’s husband is nice then they should do everything for them.”

A user even pointed out: “You deleted all your pictures with Imran Ashraf but he still didn’t delete the ones with you.”

Kiran remarked: “Because he must have posted merely 10-12 photos with me. My handle was full of him.”

Kiran Ashfaque clarified that she and Imran mutually decided to end their marriage and that it was not a solo decision.

When some fans questioned her about leaving behind children after divorce, Kiran reassured them that while difficult, it is possible.

She also disclosed to everyone that their son occasionally lives with both Imran and her.

When one netizen questioned why she still follows her ex-husband on Instagram, Kiran said:

“But there is no clause on Instagram that says one needs to unfollow their ex-husbands after divorce.”

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