Is ‘Jawan 2’ on the Way?

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ has been a box office success and for some fans, the attention has turned to the possibility of a sequel.

Is Jawan 2' on the Way f

"Great. This means part 2 of Jawan is coming up."

While thanking his fans, Shah Rukh Khan teased Jawan 2.

The action film has been a massive success, grossing over Rs. 200 Crore (£19 million) in three days in India, overtaking Pathaan.

Jawan‘s worldwide gross currently stands at Rs. 386 Crore (£37 million) and is expected to continue increasing.

SRK – who played both Captain Vikram Rathore and Azad Rathore – has now hinted at a sequel.

Pointing out the film’s final scenes, one fan took to X and asked:

“Why aren’t you doing a deal with Kaali… I am a big Vijay Sethupathi sir fan!”

Shah Rukh replied: “I am a big fan of Vijay sir too… I have taken the black money from Kaali and watch how I bring back those from Swiss banks as well… just waiting for the visa. Ha ha!!!”

Fans believed that this was a subtle hint at Jawan 2.

One user commented: “Jawan 2 on the way.”

Another said: “Sequel confirmed.”

A third said: “Great. This means part 2 of Jawan is coming up.”

Shah Rukh also responded to a fan who questioned the number of actresses in the film.

Jawan starred the likes of Nayanthara and Deepika Padukone. SRK’s Azad also had an all-women team of accomplices.

The user shared photos, posters and stills of the female stars and asked:

“Why are there so many girls in the film sir?”

Shah Rukh replied: “Why are you counting all these… count my looks!!

“Keep love and respect in your heart and keep love and respect in your heart and respect mother and daughter and go ahead!”

Another fan asked: “Can I call you Robinhood Rathore?”

The Bollywood megastar responded:

“Robinhood, I don’t know about Robinhood but Vikram Rathore is charitable as well as a true Indian!”

For one fan, the film has inspired them to want to be like the protagonist.

The fan asked: “I also want to be like Jawan!! Any tips?”

Shah Rukh Khan said: “I am what you are… Jawan is you.

“And you are a feeling, you are the heart of Hindustan. Be kind, be nice, stand for what’s right, keep love and respect in your heart for all things our country stands for and don’t forget to pray.

“Then you are fully… Ready!!!”

On the opening day, thousands of fans packed cinema halls, with some standing in line at 4:30 am waiting for special 5 am screenings.

Videos soon went viral of cinemagoers dancing in front of screens, displaying huge Jawan posters and setting off fireworks.

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