Videos of Fans celebrating Jawan’s Theatrical Release go Viral

‘Jawan’ has finally been released in cinemas and Shah Rukh Khan fans are loving the film, with videos showing them dancing in theatres.

Videos of Fans celebrating Jawan's Theatrical Release go Viral f

"The real stardom is peaks right here. In a cinema hall."

Shah Rukh Khan fans are loving Jawan as dozens of viral videos have gone viral.

The Atlee-directed film was released on September 7, 2023, and it has received positive reviews from critics.

Many have called Jawan a “massy entertainer” that also delivers a political message.

Thousands of film fans waited outside cinemas at 4:30 am in anticipation of 5 am screenings.

Videos on social media showed fans waiting in line outside cinemas across India, chanting slogans and cheering for SRK.

Viral videos also showed the different ways fans are celebrating the film’s release.

In Patna, a group of men recreated SRK’s partially bandaged look from the film as they exited their vehicle to go to the cinema.

Many cinemagoers were particularly excited when ‘Zinda Banda’ came on as they made their way to the front of the screen and danced.

Meanwhile, others filmed the spectacle on their phones.

Some even threw confetti at the dancing fans.

Jawan appeared to be more of an experience rather than a film to watch in the cinema as crowded halls were packed with dancing.

One caption read: “The real stardom is peaks right here. In a cinema hall.”

Describing the crowded cinema halls, one person said:

“This is madness!! The craze of Jawan and Shah Rukh Khan has turned single screens into stadiums.”

This is similar to when Shah Rukh’s blockbuster Pathaan was released in cinemas.

While many fans are celebrating the film by dancing, others are showcasing their enjoyment in a more dangerous way.

In one instance, a group of fans formed a human pyramid in front of a massive SRK cutout, saluting the star and waving flags.

Fireworks were set off outside some theatres and on the streets, giving it a carnival atmosphere.

For example, in Andhra Pradesh, some fans printed off Shah Rukh’s X reaction to their show of appreciation.

They displayed it on a wall and set off fireworks.

The huge love for Jawan attracted Shah Rukh’s attention, who admitted he was kept awake by the celebrations.

He said: “Love you boys and girls I hope you enjoy the entertainment.

“Kept awake to see you go to the theatre. Big love and thanks.”

Even after the film ended, fans were seen cheering and singing as they left the theatres.

Although critics have their opinions, one user stated that the general public is the one that matters, writing:

“The only review that matters is of the general public and the masses have accepted Jawan and are going berserk after watching the film.”

Shah Rukh Khan has already had one 2023 blockbuster in Pathaan and it appears as though Jawan will be another.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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