Humaima Malick causes Confusion with ‘Aurat Card’ Comments

Humaima Malick shared a snippet of Bushra Iqbal’s podcast interview but her “Aurat card” comments caused confusion.

Humaima Malick asks for Prayers after Hospitalisation f

“Truly, the woman card is too easy. Men are human too.”

Humaima Malick has caused confusion with her latest Instagram post after sharing a snippet of Bushra Iqbal’s podcast interview.

Dr Iqbal, who is the first ex-wife of the late Dr Aamir Liaquat, revealed in her interview that she was not satisfied with the way things were handled during the time of his death.

In an Instagram Story, Humaima shared the clip followed by the caption:

“Truly, the woman card is too easy. Men are human too.”

Humaima Malick posted another story that read: “Ask God for forgiveness and the heart in which He resides. May I get my love; may he become mine again. Need prayers. Always.”

The message left followers in a state of confusion and many questioned the relevance of the post.

Dr Iqbal had spoken openly about the controversy surrounding Dr Aamir regarding his leaked videos.

She had stated: “Honour is not just a woman’s. A man has honour as well.

“Had this happened to a woman, the entire country would have been out on the street burning things. But a woman had done this.

“Men and women are kept equal. People did not speak up, I was quite hurt. Everyone had their fun. YouTubers, memers, everyone. People should have thought, ‘What if this happened to me?’

“It was his honour. There are many videos of him crying. Some people claim we weren’t in contact.

“There are many audios that people haven’t even heard. I have heard them, on which basis I am fighting the case.”

The statement made was in regard to personal videos of Aamir that had been leaked.

The video showed a nude Aamir being filmed by his then-wife Dania Shah. He seemed to be intoxicated and was rumoured to be taking drugs in the leaked video.

Humaima Malick causes Confusion with 'Aurat Card' Comments f

After the video went viral, it received many mixed messages. Some claimed that Aamir was a fraud and that his third wife Dania married him with a hidden agenda.

Others stated he had the right to walk around naked in his bedroom.

One comment read: “I still respect him after this video. Everyone has a body and everyone has sex. So what?”

One social media user said: “This woman reminds me of Rhea Chakraborty who set herself up as Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend.

“When a woman starts making videos of her man in awkward situations, she is a gold digger and a blackmailer, or part of some atrocious conspiracy.

“No honourable woman exposes her husband’s defects and vices in public unless she has blackmailing intentions.”

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