Humaima Malick issues Apology to Mohsin Abbas Haider

Humaima Malick issued a public apology to Mohsin Abbas Haider in relation to her comments when he faced domestic abuse allegations.

Humaima Malick issues Apology to Mohsin Abbas Haider f

"I would like to say on-screen that times change, people change"

Humaima Malick has publicly apologised to Mohsin Abbas Haider for the comments that she had made about him at a time when he was accused of domestic violence.

Appearing on Mohsin’s talk show Public Demand, she indirectly apologised to the host but did not explain what she was apologising for.

However, viewers were quick to realise the reason for her apology and guessed it was due to the fact that she sided with his ex-wife Fatima Sohail when accusing Mohsin of domestic violence.

Humaima told Mohsin: “If I have ever in my life said anything about you, I would like to say on-screen that times change, people change, and the way they express themselves also changes.”

In the video clip, Humaima is seen holding Mohsin’s hand as she says what’s on her mind, and Mohsin embraces her and kisses her head as a way of accepting her apology.

The video was received wholeheartedly, and Mohsin was celebrated for his media comeback.

One fan wrote: “Welcome back Mohsin. So energetic!”

Another wrote: “Mohsin is back with a bang.”

In 2019, Mohsin faced accusations from his then-wife Fatima Sohail of cheating on her.

She also claimed that he assaulted her when she caught him red-handed.

The incident allegedly took place when Fatima was pregnant with Moshin’s baby.

As the news broke, Mohsin faced backlash from the public and many fellow celebrities. This included Humaima and her sister Dua.

At the time, Humaima showed her support for Fatima on Twitter and directly attacked Mohsin.

Her tweet read: “Beating your wife everyday even when she had your baby in her stomach, we have seen the pictures and see her in pain.

“Now coming out in public and saying she is lying. Shame on you Mohsin!”

As a result of the accusations, Mohsin stepped down from his role in Mazaaq Raat and took a break from the entertainment industry.

Mohsin Abbas Haider continuously denied the allegations, and the pair have since divorced.

Following the controversy, Mohsin made his way back onto television.

Mohsin is a popular actor who has starred in many serials such as Siyani, Muqabil and Dil Tanha Tanha.

He was applauded for his role in the hard-hitting drama serial Meri Guriya, which was based on the real-life story of Zainab, from Kasur, who was brutally raped and left for dead by her neighbour.


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