Humaima Malick sparks Controversy with Bold Outfit

Humaima Malick attended a concert in Dubai, however, her outfit caused controversy for allegedly being too bold.

Humaima Malick sparks Controversy with Bold Outfit f

"Why is she wearing stockings? Looks so cheap."

Humaima Malick hit headlines with her outfit choice at a concert.

The actress attended a concert and according to a TikTok video, she was in Dubai.

The video showed her dressed in a bright pink blazer dress. She wore a black top underneath.

As she enjoyed the concert from the comfort of a sofa, Humaima flaunted her legs in a pair of sheer stockings.

Humaima’s edgy look continued with smoky eyeshadow, necklaces and black nail polish.

Humaima was clearly enjoying her time, singing along and clapping.

While Humaima enjoyed the concert, her outfit led to a mixed response.

Many social media users took issue with her fashion choice, with one person writing:

“Fashion police, take her now.”

Another said: “Why is she wearing stockings? Looks so cheap.”

Lots of netizens said the outfit was too revealing and criticised Humaima for it.

One comment read: “In your grave you need full clothes, and in the world she has next to nothing clothes.”

Another claimed her behaviour and outfit choices change regularly, writing:

“Sometimes, she becomes an orthodox Muslim, and the next day she wears short dresses and starts vibing on songs.”

@sharoonyousaf600 #sharoonyousafphotography #dubai?? #humaimamalick ? original sound – sharoon yousaf

The criticism did not stop at Humaima’s outfit.

Many began naming her brother Feroze Khan, who is known for preaching religion. On numerous occasions, he has been accused of hypocrisy.

One person asked: “Where is her brother?”

Another person said: “OMG, she’s Feroze Khan’s sister.”

A third added:

“Send this video to Feroze Khan.”

While Humaima Malick received criticism for her outfit, she is not the first Pakistani actress who has been in the spotlight for her fashion choices.

Hania Aamir recently shared photos from her London holiday, showing her wearing sleeveless tops.

Similarly, Saboor Aly also posted photos from her holiday in which she is wearing backless and sleeveless dresses.

Mahira Khan has also been under the spotlight many times, most recently during the Eid festivities when she shared a video in her outfit.

The outfit was a black number consisting of a sharara and a short top with thin straps. The top was backless and showed a deep neck, for which Mahira was heavily criticised.

One individual wrote: “I will never understand what is beautiful in showing your stomach, and a naked backless sleeveless dress?

Another asked: “What do you get from flaunting your body? Hell is waiting for women like you.”

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