Videos of SRK Fans loving ‘Pathaan’ go Viral

‘Pathaan’ has been a huge hit among fans and it has seen viral videos of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans loving the film.

Videos of SRK Fans loving Pathaan go Viral-f

All of a sudden, a firework is set off

Videos of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans loving Pathaan have gone viral.

The spy thriller was released on January 25, 2023, and it marked SRK’s return to the big screen after nearly five years.

Pathaan tells the story of a RAW agent who ends his hiatus when it is revealed that a private terrorist group is planning a massive attack on India.

The film also stars Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Dimple Kapadia.

Prior to its release, many were urging others to boycott the film.

But the opposite happened upon its release, with fans visiting theatres in large numbers.

The huge turnouts resulted in Pathaan becoming Bollywood’s biggest opener ever.

On its first day, the film grossed Rs. 53 Crore (£5.2 million) in India, surpassing Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan.

It has since had the highest-grossing opening weekend in the history of Hindi cinema, with Rs. 313 Crore (£30 million).

During an ask me anything session with Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter, the star expressed his happiness that fans are enjoying the film.

He tweeted: “I am loving it that you are loving it.

“#AskSRK for a few minutes to share more of love if that’s possible….and keep the questions ZINDA!!!”

Fans have praised the film on social media.

Videos have also circulated on social media, showing the different ways that fans are showing their love for Pathaan.

In Jalna, Maharashtra, a group of fans unveiled a huge Pathaan poster on the side of a building.

They also chanted the character’s name as they enjoyed a massive Pathaan cake.

Many videos show fans dancing in packed cinemas while the film is playing and one instance saw fans dancing to ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’.

As fans sang along, others took out their phones to film the extraordinary spectacle.

Not one person was sitting as fans gathered all over the cinema, with many standing in front of the screen.

The video featured the caption: “The craze of Shah Rukh Khan is unreal.”

While many fans are celebrating the film by dancing, others are showcasing their enjoyment in a more dangerous way.

In the city of Malegaon, fans are packed inside a cinema during a screening and are clapping.

All of a sudden, a firework is set off before hitting the ceiling, resulting in huge cheers.

More fireworks are set off and the fans continue to cheer at the spectacle.

Although fans inside the cinema were loving the fireworks, social media users had a different opinion.

One person tweeted: “This is wrong, a fire could have broken out and people could have got injured.”

Another said: “Not good, these guys are destroying the public property.”

Fans are also showing their love for Pathaan even before watching the film.

On a busy road in Kolkata, a group of fans are seen packed into a van and are on their way to the cinema.

The occupants dance and cheer while the vehicle features a Pathaan poster draped over the bonnet.

Another vehicle soon follows, featuring over a dozen people. One person is seen playing a drum while the others throw confetti.

But the love for SRK and Pathaan is not just in India.

In Germany, a viral video shows a woman dancing in front of the screen.

She lip-syncs to the song playing in the film and gives a choreographed performance.

Meanwhile, cinemagoers cheer and film the woman’s dance performance.

Despite the initial calls to boycott the film, Pathaan has received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

Cinemagoers in both India and abroad are loving the film and are celebrating in a variety of ways.

As for its box office performance, Pathaan has broken a number of records and it looks to continue its hot streak.

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