What is Harpreet Kaur’s Dessert Parlour Business Worth?

After winning ‘The Apprentice’, Harpreet Kaur rebranded her dessert business to Oh So Yum! But what is the business worth now?

What Harpreet Kaur's Dessert Parlour Business is Worth f.

They started with a £100 investment

Businesswoman Harpreet Kaur has become a household name since winning The Apprentice.

The 30-year-old won Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment for her dessert parlour business.

Prior to the show, she and her sister co-owned Barni’s in Huddersfield.

It has now been rebranded and is operating under the name Oh So Yum!

But how did the business originally come to exist and what is it worth?

Harpreet and Gurvinder Kaur originally launched their business in 2015 and it was actually called Big Momma’s Waffles Limited at the time.

The sisters had wanted to start a business for some time and jumped at the opportunity to turn their dream into a reality.

They started with a £100 investment and put all their effort into the dessert business.

In just two years of trading, the company showed promising growth, with accounts submitted to Companies House revealing current assets of £11,094 in 2018 and £40,048 by 2019.

The number jumped again by May 2020, with assets now recorded as £119,455.

In 2021, they were reported as £144,422.

The accounts submitted were not audited but did reveal that the company also benefitted from the government’s bounce back loan scheme and were awarded £50,000 to help recover from the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

The company was worth six figures before Lord Sugar’s investment.

Now, it will benefit from both the £250,000 investment and Lord Sugar’s expertise to help expand its current offering.

As Harpreet outlined in her business plan on The Apprentice, the plan is to open more stores while also expanding into the online market.

Through the creation of the OhSoYum website, fans eager to taste her desserts will be able to order sweet treats such as cookie cups, cookie pies and brownies, to be delivered to their doors nationwide.

It was also revealed that Gurvinder Kaur remains a managing director of the company, something many viewers were concerned about following Harpreet’s win.

During the interviews, Harpreet had stated that her sister would be willing to step down if necessary in order for her to secure an investment.

But after her win, it appears that both sisters are still taking an active role.

Speaking about working with Lord Sugar and her sister, Harpreet Kaur said:

“We’ve been running the company for 6 years and we’ve got it to where it is today, together.”

“At the end of the day, he’s getting two for the price of one. Why would you not want that?

“She ain’t going anywhere and we make an amazing team so we’re gonna be a powerhouse with Lord Sugar on as well.

“We’re an amazing dynamic duo, we have amazing personalities actually, we complement each other’s skills and that’s what ensures we’re gonna have success in our business so its really gonna supercharge our growth, the two of us still involved, and yeah its gonna be brilliant.”

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