Which Bollywood Character would you Quarantine With?

Through the years, Bollywood has given us many memorable characters. If you were stuck with one character for a set period, who would you choose?

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - F

"Geet will teach you a thing or two about self-love."

Through the years, the Indian entertainment industry has given us many iconic Bollywood characters.

Whether they are a hopeless romantic, comedic individual or villainous, Bollywood has been able to create many memorable characters.

These characters have been portrayed by many A-list actors including Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and many more.

Now imagine a scenario where you have been placed in quarantine with a certain iconic Bollywood character.

Hypothetically, you are stuck with them in one location for, let’s say one to three months.

Which Bollywood character would you quarantine with from the recognisable characters below?

Dr Aditya Shrivastav

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 1

Actor Akshay Kumar plays Dr Aditya Shrivastav from the comedy-horror movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007). Aditya will naturally be a comedic, fun individual during a lockdown.

Aditya Shrivastav believes in religion, science and superstitions. This will definitely make things interesting when you are in quarantine with him for obvious reasons.

This character is a psychiatrist by trade which might come in handy to you during the quarantine. He is a good problem solver which can also come in use during tough times such as a lockdown.

You can count on Aditya to make scenarios as comical as possible with his superb timings. In contrast, when it is time to get serious, be assured he will do so during this quarantine.

He might tell a few ghosts and/or possession stories which will push you more towards the edge during this already tough time.

Anjali Sharma

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 2

Actress Kajol paints the character of Anjali Sharma from the 90s hit movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998).  Anjali would be quite an energetic individual to quarantine with.

She is very fun-loving and will take care of you. Whether she knows you or you are a complete stranger, she will make an effort with you with all her heart.

During the lockdown, she might want to get comfy, laze around and dress like her college tomboy self. In fact, she might even reminisce with you about the fun times she had during her time at St Xander’s College.

Although she is not currently in quarantine with her college best friend and now husband Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan), she will have a great time with you. Additionally, her self confidence could rub off on you.

Be sure to buy a basketball hoop before the lockdown as B-Ball is a speciality of Anjali. Male or female, she will give you a run for your money due to her competitive attributes.

Once she is totally comfortable with you and likes you, she might even make a cool handshake with you. This will go on long after the lockdown is lifted.

Baburao Ganpatrao Apte

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 3

Actor Paresh Rawal plays the comical role of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte in the film Hera Pheri (2000). Time would simply fly whilst quarantining with his comedic gold character.

At times he might seem innocent but then there are other times where he may reveal his cunning side. He is an individual who finds it hard to read between the lines.

The wrong phone calls continuously come his way which will keep you entertained due to his sarcasm, anger and abuse towards the callers.

If you quarantine in his place, he will make sure you pay your rent, pandemic or not.

Also, you will have to pull your own weight which might include cooking, cleaning and washing. His basic yet comfortable fashion sense of ‘Dhoti and Kurta’ might inspire you to rock it during the lockdown.

Babu Bhaiya is so melodramatic, has an understated mannerism and loves alcohol. On a daily basis, you will encounter many laugh out loud moments due to this character.


Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 4

Legendary actress Hema Malini undertakes the role of Basanti for the iconic picture Sholay (1975). This character will be very entertaining due to her talkative personality trait and many more.

Chirpy village girl Basanti is what one would call larger than life. It is certain that she will be the loudest in the room and will put her words into good use.

In particular, she is confident and will speak to you straight, expressing nothing but the truth. Basanti emulates a strong, gutsy, independent woman who in reality, does not have to rely on anyone.

She has a rebellious side and relishes when taking risks which within the lockdown could spice things up. Also, she cares little about political correctness and the cliches of gender roles in society.

Specifically, if you are in quarantine with Basanti in her location, she may introduce you to Dhanno. Dhanno is her mare who pulls her horse cart and is a very loyal and dear friend.

Chulbul Pandey

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 5

Actor Salman Khan plays the role of Inspector Chulbul Pandey in the movie Dabangg (2010). Chulbul would be an entertaining and fearless character to be stuck with.

Uniquely, Pandey calls himself Robin Hood. He carries himself with a lot of confidence which is most certainly needed during the lockdown.

Chulpul Pandey may be cruel and corrupt at times but he is very lovable. He lives carefree, is a cool guy and is very unintentionally hilarious.

In other peoples eyes, it may seem as though Chulbul is doing the wrong thing. In reality, he is doing the wrong thing but for the right reasons.

His unorthodox methods may benefit some but not all.

He is able to keep himself cool, calm and collected, even during the most challenging of situations.

This will have a strong, positive impact on those around him.

Devindra Dhillon/Dev D

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 6

From the movie Dev D (2009), Abhay Deol pictures the role of Devindra Dhillon, better known as Dev D. Dev would be quite a chaotic character whilst in lockdown.

One would say he is a spoilt brat due to his family background. Specifically, he likes to splash the hard-earned cash earned by his father.

Dev went through a heartbreak so be careful. This deep heartbreak sees him lose his childhood sweetheart Paro (Mahie Gill) to another guy.

Just before the introduction of the nationwide lockdown, Dev turned to alcoholism and drugs to ease his pain. Try not to be influenced by his ways as they will not benefit you.

He just wants to escape reality but is doing all the wrong things. Dev is finding it hard to learn from his mistakes but can you help him get out of this loop?

Gabbar Singh

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 7

Gabbar Singh, if you do not know this villainous character then you are definitely missing out. Amjad Khan plays the quintessential Gabbar Singh in the evergreen movie Sholay (1975).

Choose wisely, as quarantining with a figure such as Gabbar Singh should be done at your own risk. This bandit is ruthless and might give you shivers when solely entering a room.

If you are in lockdown with him you are quite unlucky as he is pure evil. To some extent, he might be fascinating due to the one-liners he might throw your way.

He might hit you with his infamous ‘Kitne Aadmi The’ [how many men were there?] one-liner.

Here, Gabbar is referring to all those outside who are not keeping their distance and not following government protocol.

Do not let him sense your fear. He will intimidate you further by saying ‘Joh Darr Gaya, Samjho Marr Gaya’ [If one is scared, consider one dead].

Geet Dhillon

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 8

The fabulous Kareena Kapoor Khan portraying Geet Dhillon from Jab We Met (2007), who is an iconic Bollywood character to be locked down with.

Geet has a strong, positive personality which can easily be mirrored on those around her, just like Aditya Kashyap (Shahid Kapoor).

Whether you are close to Geet or a total stranger, she will be there for you. Even though Geet herself can be careless at times, she will aid and take care of you during the quarantine.

Although she can be overly dramatic at times, she is very friendly and easy to talk to. The characteristics of Dhillon truly see the good in everything and everyone.

Certainly, this firecracker of a character will take you on a journey through her dreamland. With her favourite saying being ‘Main Apni Favourite Hoon’ [I am my favourite], Geet will teach you a thing or two about self-love.

Along the way, she will make up her own rules so that she can own up to her own mistakes! Whilst she herself might encounter breakdowns, she will definitely build herself back up.

Also, she will say it how it is no matter how harsh the truth may be. This colourful character will show you how to enjoy the small things in life, even when certain situations are tough.

Janardhan Jakhar

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 9

Actor Ranbir Kapoor plays Janardhan Jakhar, also know as Jordon, from the musical drama Rockstar (2011). This cult character will take you on a rollercoaster ride, figuratively, whilst quarantining.

He has high dreams and is very driven, both of which could reflect on you to reach for the stars. His heartbreak has made him into the person that he is today.

Janardhan Jhankar likes to recollect memories of his past. He might show you his collection of old photos and videos and tell you the stories behind them.

He prefers to deal with his problems and things alone so it might be best to let him be. Jordan has this fire inside of him that he keeps locked.

Music, whether he is listening or creating, will be his driving force during this lockdown period.

If you and the quarantine get too much for Janardhan to handle, he might just let himself loose. At this point, he will stop taking care of himself.

Meenamma Lochini Azhagusundaram

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 10

The graceful Deepika Padukone acts as Meenamma Lochini Azhagusundaram in the movie Chennai Express (2013). This individual would be a bundle of joy as a quarantining partner.

She is a quirky, comedic character who is loyal and lovable to all. She will keep you strong mentally during this quarantine and put a smile on your face.

It is always good to learn new things, especially when you are under situations like a lockdown. Meenamma will be able to teach you Tamil if you do not know how to speak and understand this language already.

Due to her knowledge and love for Bollywood movies, you will likely binge-watch many films during this quarantine. To make things even more interesting, why not quiz each other on these titles.

She might even sing her favourite songs, with her own parody twist! When spending a long time with her and going through a personal journey, you might simply fall in love with her.

Michelle McNally

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - rani

Actress Rani Mukerji takes on the role of Michelle McNally in the film Black (2005). Michelle would be an extraordinary quarantining partner.

This individual has the personal difficulty of being a deaf, mute and blind person. By herself, an abundance of pain tag along with her.

Don’t be afraid of her, as she is very clever and through the years has learned to relax. This was achieved thanks to her teacher Debraj (Amitabh Bachchan) who, unfortunately, is not with her during this quarantine.

The determination and will power of Michelle is strong, triumphing any challenge that she faces.

She will inspire you to fulfil your best, no matter what your circumstances are. Although she cannot see, speak or hear, she will touch your heart emotionally.

Just like her Debraj, she will bring that ray of sunshine to you.


Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 12

The portrayal of Mogambo from the film Mr. India (1987) is done by renowned late actor Amrish Puri. Hail Mogambo! during your time in quarantine to show respects to this insane retired Army General.

This character is an outright menace to society and a serial antagonist. Even though he is a villain by heart, he may spill some enticing, comical moments.

It would be recommended that you follow his direct orders as he is very threatening. Despite his vicious demeanour, he most likely will not put much action into it, displaying empty threats.

As part of the lockdown, do keep Mogambo happy and pleased. This might lead to him getting enthusiastic and delivering the line, ‘Mogambo Kush Hai’ [Mogambo is pleased].

He is the king of this quarantine, the location being his throne and territory.

Munna Bhai

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 13

Playing the wonderful Munna Bhai in the unique movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S (2003), we have Sanjay Dutt. This character will be a whole lot of fun to quarantine with.

During a lockdown, you need to have fun and Munna Bhai will definitely bring this to the table. More so, he loves living life at the fullest, expressing a completely different outlook of life.

Uniquely, he believes his ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi’ [magical hug] can comfort many and solve any negative situation immediately.

If you are in trouble, in stress, feeling down etc, he will be there to cure you magically which is heartwarming. His goal during quarantine will be to spread love, happiness and heal people.

Although he might have a hard exterior he is a caring, go-to person for everyone. He will break rules to overcome certain scenarios and likes to think out of the box.

Can you fill the role of the right-hand man of Munna Bhai, Circuit (Arshad Warsi)?

Murad Ahmed/Gully Boy

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 14

The multi-talented Ranveer Singh embodies Murad Ahmed, also known as Gully Boy in the film, Gully Boy (2019). It would be very refreshing to be in quarantine with this character.

Without a doubt, Murad will inspire you during the lockdown. If you do not know about his poetic talents, he will tell you about his struggling journey to the top.

His story will open many eyes with his ambition, drive and charisma rubbing off on you. You will feel like a new person during and after the quarantine session, for better for sure.

With all the spare time, Murad might even make a radiant rapping remix to ‘Apna Time Aayega’ [my time will come]. Lyrically, this remix will be as poetic as the original but with more emphasis on our time will come.

To clarify, the emphasis will be on time for the lockdown to lift, everyone being safe and everything resuming to normal. The lyrical flows of this genius will resonate with you for a long time.

You would learn so much from the Gully Boy himself, have a good laugh with him and also better yourself.

Naina Catherine Kapur

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 15

Actress Preity Zinta characterises Naina Catherine Kapur in the hit movie Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003). Locking down with Naina will give you a mixture of a lot of things.

For example, during the start, she might be a bit uptight. One could say she is really boring simply from her impressions.

Try avoiding marriage talk in front of this character as that is currently not in her interests. Naina can get quite feisty, even with close family members but it is all love at the end of the day.

Equally, she deeply cares for those who are close to her. Naina can be a tough cookie but just like Aman (Shah Rukh Khan), you will have to break the barriers to open her new side.

Turn her Chashmish [dorky/geeky] side into that bright, smiley side of Naina that we know is in there somewhere.

You will have to try your best to turn her frown upside down to unlock the positive Naina.

If you do fall in love with her, do let her know honestly. Remind Naina to live in the now, smile and be happy always as you never know, tomorrow may not be.

Narayan Shankar

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 16

The legendary Amitabh Bachchan acts as Narayan Shankar from the film Mohabbatein (2000). If you love having fun, this character will not be fit for you to quarantine with.

Namely, this is due to the strict demeanour that he personifies with. He picks up this characteristic due to his background of being a headmaster of a prestigious all-boys school.

No matter how hard you try, Naryan is not in quarantine to have fun and play games. Having said this, if you were stuck with him, your lockdown might drag.

Although he is firm, he would only want what’s best for you during the lockdown. He will definitely incorporate honour, tradition, discipline in you to follow government guidelines.

If you are an upbeat, positive individual who would show affectionate towards Shankar, then don’t. He does not like love and romance.

Eventually, if implemented long enough, he might come to his senses and see that his policies have been misguided. With you, he might understand what love is, what fun is and what life is.

Parvati Chakraborty

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine WIth? - IA 17

The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan illustrates Parvati Chakraborty also known as Paro, from the emotional rollercoaster ride of a movie Devdas (2002). Paro is a pure kind-hearted character who is a breath of fresh air.

She is a humorous, affectionate and logical individual that loved life. Yes loved, maybe you can help her gain her old, fun self again. There was no such thing as the word negative in her dictionary.

She will light an oil lamp and keep it lit for your protection until the return of normality. Oh wait, she only did that for her childhood friend and lover, Devdas (Shah Rukh Khan).

Although she will not love you the same way she loved Devdas, you might think of her during the quarantine. For instance, if you ask nicely, she might teach you classical Indian dance.

She might help you with the elegant moves that she presented in ‘Silsila Ye Chahat Ka’ and ‘Dola Re Dola’.

Surely, she would rather be in quarantine with you over her forty-year-old widower husband Thakur Bhuvan Chaudhry (Vijayendra Ghatge).

Rahul Mehra

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 18

Playing Rahul Mehra in the thrilling movie Darr (1993) is the King of Romance himself, Shah Rukh Khan. This character will be fascinating to quarantine with, whether it’s for the good or worse you will have to decide.

If your name is ‘K-K-K-Kiran’, you will be in for a treat with Rahul, well sort of! If so, this character will heavily love you but in the most obsessive way humanly possible.

Certainly, he will try and keep you happy during the quarantine. He will confess his feelings for you several times and may even carve your name on his chest.

Be aware, if you are on your phone texting someone or receiving messages/notifications, Rahul might freak out. He will turn on stalker mode to try and see what you are up to and why your attention is elsewhere.

This psychopathic character will go to lengths to find out who you are talking to and/or whether you love him or not. If you do not love him back equally, hell will break loose once the lockdown is lifted.

If anyone is standing in the way of you and him, he will eliminate them. Even if it means killing them in the process in the hope of winning the love he always wanted.

Would you quarantine with Rahul, love his obsession for you or is it simply not worth the stress?

Raj Malhotra

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 19

Raj Malhotra, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, is a very well-known character from the Bollywood classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995). If you don’t know of hopeless romantic Raj, then you will learn to love him.

To some extent, Raj Malhotra has similar characteristics to Rahul Mehra. For instance, he loves with all of his heart but in a more conventional way as opposed to the chaotic Rahul.

Initially, when you first meet during the lockdown period, this character will come across rather mischievous and playful.

He will irritate you with playful pranks, start teasing you and flirt hard with you.

His vacation is this quarantine with you. Under these circumstances, you may eventually start to fall for this romantic poster boy, leaving a lasting impression on you.

Once the lockdown is lifted, you two will part ways but the Raj effect will play on your mind. Additionally, Raj will open his eyes to all his playfulness, realising he wants and needs you.

He will go on the search for you, climb mountains for you, you name it, he will go above and beyond. Most importantly, he will respect you and your family trying to win them over in all ways.

Rancho/Phunsukh Wangdu

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 20

Picturising Rancho/Phunsukh Wangdu in the unique hit movie 3 Idiots (2009), we have Aamir Khan. If you were to quarantine with Rancho, he will leave a lasting impression on you.

This character has an amazing personality, is passionate about attaining knowledge yet he is naive when it comes to love. Like his best friends say, ‘Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh’ [he was like a blowing wind.]

From time to time he may annoy you with his bombardment of questions but this keeps him on his feet. Rancho is full of imaginative ideas which will be stimulating during the quarantine.

He will set his own rules during the lockdown, most likely end up breaking them to then create new rules. He loves taking risks and is not afraid to fail at tasks, the main thing is at least he tried.

When you feel as though your life is spiralling out of control, remember Rancho’s mantra ‘Aal Izz Well’ [all is well]. This mantra is universal and will fix any of your problems and worries, go ahead try it out!

You will learn a lot from Rancho, whether that is on the topic of friendship, life, success and ambitions. Thus, this will prepare you somewhat for life after quarantine.

Rohan Raichand

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 21

Actor Hrithik Roshan depicts the character of Rohan Raichand from the emotionally iconic movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001). Quarantining with this character would be quite interesting.

For instance, Rohan is a fitness junky, likes to keep in shape and loves sports, especially cricket.

Clearly, Rohan does not want to go back to being his ladoo [fat/round, Indian sweet] self from his childhood.

However, he does love food and might binge eat if not careful. Whether he introduces home workouts or slogging some cricket balls in the garden, this character will keep you and himself physically occupied.

Also, he is very passionate about dance and will, in Bollywood fashion, dramatically bust out moves during the quarantine. With the time frame of this lockdown, this will be fun and you will learn a step or two from the dance guru himself.

This character is very patriotic and loves his home country, India. Rohan is open to teach you to learn new things.

Importantly, Rohan deeply loves his family and will try to fix any disputes that may occur during the quarantine. He will be the peacemaker within the location that you are stuck in.

Sanjay Singhania

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 22

From the epic title Ghajini (2008), we have the memorable character Sanjay Singhania who is played by Aamir Khan. Not only will quarantine with Sanjay be interesting but it can also get complex.

More so, the current state of Mr Singhania suffers from short term memory loss. Sadly, he is only able to remember for fifteen minutes and then everything but his past is wiped out.

Due to this condition, you will have to help this character figure out a lot of things. For example, who is Ghajini? Who are you? Why do I have so many bold tattoos all across my body?

Explicitly, it might be best to leave the name Ghajini out of the picture during this lockdown. To clarify, this may trigger Sanjay’s memory of all the cruel past doings of Ghajini.

But, it may also remind him of the time he took revenge upon this very despicable person and was, to some extent set free. As time is on your side, take a trip down memory lane with Sanjay, stating his great times.

You can achieve this by reading his previous diaries to him and through the photos he has recently taken. Reminisce about his humble character, his Air Voice empire and his deep admiration and love for Kalpana (Asin Thottumkal).

Shashi Godbole

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 23

Legendary late actress Sridevi characterises Shashi Godbole in the movie Engilsh Vinglish (2012). Pairing up with Shashi during the quarantine would be delightful.

She truly is an inspirational individual who is caring, learnt to love herself and follows her heart. With various rocks that life has hit her with, she has been able to move onwards and upwards.

When facing problems, she has a positive outlook on them, even with the toughest of challenges. No matter what happens, she will always be there for you during this quarantine.

Throughout the lockdown, she will keep you happy and give you motherly love.

You will learn a lot of things from Shashi, especially women empowerment. From discussing her journey of life, you will admire her story and will learn to love and respect others.

She will not judge you as she will overlook your background, ethnicity and so on, treating you like an equal. She brings so much to the table that you should take it upon yourself to further help her evolve.

Tara Singh

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 24

From the action movie Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), we have the macho man himself Sunny Deol representing Tara Singh. Singh will ensure your quarantine is action-packed.

Within the lockdown, consider Tara Singh as your personal bodyguard. Whatever your background, religion, beliefs are, he will do all he can to protect you.

Tara Singh will have all of his action moves ready for any bad possibilities that may unfortunately occur. It is almost as if Tara Singh is a key superhero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In his spare time, he likes to sing candidly. This Sadarji electrifies outstanding bravery which ultimately is incomparable.

The iconic ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’ [2.5KG hands] of character will come in handy for many lockdown situations. Whether they are there to defend or there to help around the handy housework, they will be present massively.

Do not let all of this hard as nails skin fool you, Tara also has a big, pure heart and is very lovely. The heart simply does not understand boundaries and will leave the universe to do the talking.

Veera Tripathi

Which Bollywood Character Would You Quarantine With? - IA 25

Portraying Veera Tripathi from the motion picture Highway (2014), we have Alia Bhatt. This character is a brave and strong individual who is carrying a lot on her shoulders.

She has been through so much trauma in silence, both physically and mentally. Veera is on a journey of self-discovery.

This trip might be beneficial for both you and Tripathi to go on. Hopefully, quarantining with you will be peaceful and have a positive impact on both.

Through all her encounters she is now full of hopes and dreams looking forward to what life has to offer.

Veera is a person who has a calming effect on those around her. When comfortable, she will see a friend in you.

Will you help Veera find her peace and freedom during this lockdown?

So, which Bollywood character from this article would you quarantine with?

Honourable mentions of other characters include Priyanka Chopra as autistic Jhilmil Chatterjee in Barfi! (2012).

Additionally, Govinda as comedic Raju in Coolie No. 1 (1995) would be fun.

Let’s not forget Simran Singh (Kajol: Dilwale Dulhaia Le Jayenge: 1995) and Dr Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani: 3 Idiots: 2009).

Himesh is a Business and Management student. He has a strong passion for all-things Marketing related as well as Bollywood, football and sneakers. His motto is: "Think positively, attract positivity!"

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