65-year-old Indian Man forces 38 Medical Staff in Quarantine

An Indian man from Punjab forced 38 medical staff members into quarantine. The medics had tested the 65-year-old man for Coronavirus.

65-year-old Indian Man forces 38 Medical Staff in Quarantine f

Doctors did not isolate him or conduct a Coronavirus test.

A 65-year-old Indian man has tested positive for Coronavirus, however, the delay in testing has forced 38 medical staff into quarantine.

The man was from the town of Nayagaon in Punjab’s Mohali district. The positive test now takes the number of cases in the district to seven.

Doctors were shocked to discover that the man was positive as he had not travelled anywhere following the outbreak.

On March 18, 2020, the man went to GMSH-16 where he complained of a cough. He was given some medicine and told to return home.

The hospital is located in Chandigarh and it has been claimed that they have inadequate facilities to test and treat COVID-19.

Later that day, a team of medics visited the elderly man at his home to check on him. At that point, they found no traces of COVID-19.

GMSH-16 medical superintendent Dr VK Nagpal explained that the patient visited the hospital on March 18 complaining of a cough.

He was given some medicines and sent home.

On March 25, 2020, the elderly Indian man came back to the hospital where he went for an x-ray, however, he was kept on normal surveillance.

Doctors did not isolate him or conduct a Coronavirus test.

The hospital failed to follow the correct COVID-19 guidelines which is to isolate anyone who is found have a fever or a cough.

The man was later admitted to the PGI emergency ward where he was tested for Swine Flu, which came out negative. A Coronavirus test still was not conducted.

On March 30, the man was finally tested for COVID-19 and it came back positive.

As a result of the unnecessary delays by both hospitals, 38 medical staff have now been quarantined.

It is possible that the man may have infected others whenever he travelled to and from both hospitals. The Health Department is yet to trace them.

Dr Manjit Singh, a civil surgeon in Mohali, said:

“The patient is a resident of Dashmesh Nagar of Nayagaon and is admitted at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh.

“We have sealed the entire Dashmesh Nagar and are trying to ascertain his contacts for screening. The patient has no travel history.”

The positive diagnosis comes after Chandigarh witnessed five new cases.

This includes a young man named Manpreet who returned from Dubai and a couple who travelled from Canada.

All are currently undergoing treatment at GMCH-32 in Chandigarh.

It was reported that Manpreet returned to India on March 11 but was found to have Coronavirus on March 26. During that time, he came into contact with over 80 people.

It is believed that they remain in quarantine though the Health Department has not been able to uncover the full details.

A case may be filed against Manpreet for not providing information to the Health Department about his return from Dubai.

A woman from Ludhiana became the third Coronavirus-related death in Punjab. She had returned from Dubai and was admitted to hospital after complaining of breathing problems.

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