330kg Pakistani Man airlifted for Medical Treatment

A Pakistani man from Sadiqabad had to be airlifted to a hospital for medical treatment due to his weight. The man weighed 330 kilograms.

330kg Pakistani Man airlifted for Medical Treatment f

"For a decade, my husband has been suffering from obesity."

Pakistani man Noorul Hassan, from Sadiqabad, was airlifted to Lahore on June 18, 2019, for medical treatment.

He was taken on a Pakistan Army helicopter due to his weight. The 55-year-old weighs 330 kilograms.

Mr Hassan had appealed to Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa on social media to help him.

Sadiqabad Assistant Commissioner Kashif Dogar explained that Mr Hassan could not travel by ambulance due to his weight.

Mr Hassan works as a taxi driver but Dogar said that his weight makes it difficult for him to drive and said that he lived in a small house.

General Bajwa took notice of Noorul’s plea for help and Rescue 1122 personnel broke down the door and wall to get him out.

Dogar said that the team shifted Mr Hassan onto a mini truck and transported him to a sports ground in Sadiqabad where he was taken by helicopter.

He added that the helicopter was supposed to arrive in the morning but due to bad weather, it landed in Multan first before arriving in Sadiqabad in the evening.

Mr Hassan’s relatives gave out sweets in the neighbourhood to celebrate his departure to Lahore for treatment.

330kg Pakistani Man airlifted for Medical Treatment

The Pakistani man’s wife, Maluka Bibi, called the Army’s help and treatment by Dr Maazul Hassan a “miracle”.

She said: “For a decade, my husband has been suffering from obesity. My husband’s disease added to our miseries.

“I am a maid and we live in a two-marla house in Sadiqabad.”

Mr Hassan was admitted to Shalamar Hospital where a special bed was prepared for him.

However, his surgeon said that Noorul’s age would be a risk for the surgery, which was set to take place on June 21, 2019.

Dr Hassan said: “Young people underwent such a surgery in the past, the case of Noorul is different.

“Noorul has been suffering from extreme obesity and for last six months, we remained in contact with him.”

“Several tests have been conducted on Wednesday to examine the further course of action. If everything goes well, we will go for surgery on Friday. We are in no hurry at all.

“I extended my help to Noorul as he needs our attention and care. He deserves a better future.

“In the last six months with our observations, Noorul has lost 30kg in weight and now he is ready for operation. After surgery, his weight will gradually be reduced to 100 kg.”

Noorul, a father of seven, said that no one in his family suffered from obesity. He said:

“I was a driver and the habit of extensive rest resulted in this stage of obesity.

“I am thankful to the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa for sending an air ambulance to shift me from Sadiqabad to Lahore.”

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