7 UK TikTok Makeup Influencers to Follow

TikTok is the go-to platform for makeup tips, tricks, and inspiration. Here are 7 top UK based TikTok makeup influencers that you can follow.

7 TikTok Makeup Influencers You Should Follow - f

Mariam’s signature makeup look consists of dark eyebrows

The beauty space on TikTok is rapidly expanding and unlike on other platforms, TikTok makeup influencers from the UK are quickly gaining a following.

The app’s simple user interface and access to millions of short videos have ultimately led to TikTok’s popularity.

In regards to the makeup sphere, it has never been easier to access and watch a tutorial or product review.

TikTok has truly changed the game for both makeup influencers and viewers.

From glow-ups and mind-blowing transformations to simple timesaving hacks, TikTok has rapidly become the hub for all things beauty.

The app allows influencers to easily film, edit and upload videos directly from their phones.

From an influencer’s perspective, TikTok is the place to be as the algorithm can lead to hundreds of unique viewers daily.

As viewers, we can watch TikTok makeup videos for free and without excessive ads.

Of course, we are not able to watch our favourite TikTok makeup videos without the influencers creating them in the first place.

It has never been easier to watch makeup videos as TikTok allows users to easily stop and start new videos thanks to the scrolling feature.

Having said that, the algorithm can be tricky to navigate at times. Nevertheless, we look at the 7 TikTok makeup influencers you need to follow.


@kikislayyyy How to contour a round shaped face ??#foryoupage #WorkThisWay #pakistani #viral #trending #fyp #asiangirl #makeup ? Saj Cobra Rooh X No Scrubs Teaser – Saj Cobra

Boasting more than 108.2k TikTok followers, makeup videos by Kiran regularly showcase a smoky eye.

Her signature makeup look consists of feathery eyebrows, a sharp cat-eye liner and a bronzed complexion complete, with a peach-coloured blush.

Kiran is also regularly seen wearing a nude lip combination. The makeup influencer provides tips and beauty hacks in her TikTok makeup videos.

One of Kiran’s most popular TikTok videos is one where she demonstrates how to contour a round face.

She can be seen applying a dark contour shade on the perimeters of her face and a light concealer shade in the centre.

The TikTok makeup video has accumulated over 901.1k views.

In addition, Kiran is often seen using products such as the EX1 Cosmetics Foundation, NYX Butter Gloss and the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

Aside from TikTok, Kiran also frequently posts makeup looks and her outfits on Instagram.


@alxcext #ad The beauty lovers dream brought to you by the @SPACE NK advent calendar worth over £700!! ? available to buy now ? #SpaceNK ? original sound – Alice T

Alice is one of the most popular makeup influencers across multiple social media platforms. Alongside TikTok, Alice also shares makeup and skincare videos on Instagram with her 675k followers.

On TikTok, the makeup influencer has a following of over 191.9k.

Her signature makeup look consists of bronzed skin, fluttery eyelashes and a nude lip to finish.

While the makeup influencer often stays true to her signature look, she also posts tutorials where she shows viewers how to use bright colours suitable for the daytime.

In addition, the makeup influencer reviews various beauty products.

A successful TikTok video by Alice includes her using over £700 worth of beauty products for one makeup look.

She exclusively uses makeup products from the SpaceNK 2021 beauty advent calendar. This TikTok makeup video has accumulated more than 502.9k views.

Furthermore, Alice frequently uses products such as the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, NARS blusher and a Clinique contour stick.

Other than TikTok, Alice is an active user of Instagram where she shares glimpses of her personal life as well as hair styling tutorials.


@glow_bymonica Reply to @kpop_vrs Should I do a part 3?!??? #makeuptips#beginnermakeup#browngirlmakeup#beautytips#browngirl#makeuphacks#foundationroutine ? U RIGHT X LUXURIOUS – Baby Q?

Housing more than 268.1k TikTok followers, makeup videos by Monica regularly consist of extravagant transformations.

Unlike other makeup influencers, Monica does not have a signature makeup look. However, she consistently uses bright shades in her videos.

Monica is often applying embellishments such as rhinestones, pearls and glitter in her makeup videos. One of Monica’s most popular TikTok videos is where she shares makeup tips specifically for brown skin.

Monica can be seen applying a dark blue mixing pigment which helps her create a custom foundation shade.

The TikTok makeup video has since accumulated over 881.4k views.

Monica is often seen using products such as the elf Putty Primer, Milani foundation and a Tinted Huestick.

Besides TikTok, Monica can be found on Instagram where she also posts beauty product reviews and haul videos.


@jahanara.makeupLipstick lover: problems ? also I recently moved into the bigger room in the house for my studio. Organising begins now?? DlCK by starboi x doja cat – Ben Chatonda-Oikawa

Before TikTok, Jahanara had been sharing makeup videos and beauty content since 2017 on Instagram.

The makeup influencer is gradually shifting her content over to TikTok. She has a following of over 69.4k on the short video app.

Jahanara’s signature makeup look consists of bushy eyebrows, long eyelashes and a glossy lip.

The makeup influencer usually reviews different complexion products such as foundations and concealers in her TikTok videos.

Jahanara also shares videos where she talks about the impact her pregnancy had on her skin, hair and nails.

As Jahanara is a parent, her content appeals to a variety of viewers. One of her most popular TikTok videos includes her entire lipstick collection.

The TikTok video has accumulated more than 107.3k views.

Jahanara is normally seen applying products such as Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and an Estee Lauder concealer.

In addition, Jahanara creates content for Instagram where she showcases her outfits and shares her skincare routine.


@meghaess Yay or nay? ? #ombrelips #koreanlip #makeuphacks #viralmakeup #makeuptrends2021 ? Tainted Love – Soft Cell

With more than 134.9k TikTok followers, videos by Megha are a great source for makeup advice.

Unlike other makeup influencers, Megha’s TikTok page exclusively focuses on debunking makeup hacks created by other TikTok influencers.

Megha is regularly seen using cream concealers to contour, highlight and bronze the face.

Megha’s trademark video style is usually a split-screen where she shows the right and wrong way of applying a certain product on either side.

Amongst her most popular TikTok videos is one where she can be seen testing out the glass ombre lip hack.

Megha applies a light concealer shade over her lips and then blends the product before applying a lip product.

She then blends the products purposely, avoiding the edges to create an ombre look.

The TikTok makeup video has since accounter for over 883.9k views.

Megha is also often seen using products such as the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in her videos.


@rahmanbeauty??? Venom – Little Simz

Prior to creating her TikTok account, Mariam had established a large following of over 459k on Instagram.

Mariam quickly gained popularity on Instagram as a result of her eyebrows. The beauty influencer often made tutorials where she was poking fun at her thin eyebrows.

The makeup influencer is beginning to expand and build her following on TikTok where she has over 2900 followers.

Mariam’s signature makeup look consists of dark eyebrows, fluttery eyelashes and a dark brown lip.

The makeup influencer time and again shares a variety of content. This includes a Wonder Woman transformation to coincide with Halloween and day to night makeup videos.

Her popular makeup videos include one where she poses and shows off a Desi-inspired heavy makeup look.

The TikTok video has since reached over 9591 views.

Mariam is often seen using products such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring palette and false eyelashes by Doll Beauty.


@rikkisandhuu omgggg facial hair ??? it can’t be!!!! not on a GIRLLLL!!! ? #bodypositivity #filtervsreality #makeuptransformation #foryou ? Praise God – Kanye West

Rikki is one of the most popular TikTok makeup influencers, creating interesting content.

With over a staggering 1.1 million followers, Rikki’s videos focus on everything from makeup hacks to transformations and product reviews.

Rikki regularly produces videos she creates makeup looks based on the beauty standards of different countries.

The makeup influencer’s go-to products include the Pixi On The Go Blush and the Jouer High Coverage Cream Foundation.

She has shared a popular video containing heavily edited selfies, followed by their unedited counterparts.

The TikTok makeup video has since extended to more than 12.9 million views.

She has also created a makeup look video that replicates Bangladeshi beauty standards and Australian beauty standards on the other.

Rikki’s popularity continues to increase as each of her videos topple the previous ones in terms of views.

Additionally, the makeup influencer shares videos on Instagram with her followers.

With seamless transitions and synchronisation, as well as not forgetting the duration, TikTok has reclaimed the makeup space from YouTube.

Not only are the makeup videos shorter, but the looks are intricate and different.

Every TikTok makeup influencer brings something unique to the table from floating neon eyeliner to glossy skin, all in a bite-sized video.

TikTok encourages creativity and the unusual, which allows makeup influencers to find a niche and create their own space.

No two TikTok makeup influencers are the same, and we can’t wait to see these budding creators reach new heights and push the beauty boundaries.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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