Nabela Noor celebrates Bangladeshi Heritage with Collaboration

American beauty vlogger Nabela Noor’s latest collaboration, PÜR x Nabela, features four products which celebrate her Bangladeshi heritage.

Nabela Noor celebrates Bangladeshi heritage

"turmeric is a beauty secret in South Asian countries."

American beauty vlogger Nabela Noor has announced a new collaboration that celebrates her Bangladeshi heritage.

Launching on Friday, November 5, 2021, the PÜR x Nabela collection is based on her core self-love and self-care values.

The four products will be available online through the US-based retailers Macy’s, Pure Cosmetics and Ulta.

It will include the Refresh Brightening Cleanser with Turmeric and Reset Detoxifying Mask with Turmeric.

The other two items will be the Celebrate You Creamy Lip Chubby and Embrace Your Face Eye & Cheek Palette.

Noor’s culture is largely saluted by the star ingredient, turmeric, which forms the base of the collection.

The palette also references her Bangladeshi heritage with shades like ‘Mishti Rose,’ ‘Bengal’ and ‘Asha’.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, the beauty vlogger said:

“One of the most special things about this collection is how we incorporated my Bangladeshi heritage, our language, and even culturally-rich ingredients, in the products.

“You’re going to find the shade Asha, which is a beautiful colour that I’ve never really seen before.

“Bengal is this beautiful gold, and Nora is such a stunning highlighter.

“We have our turmeric in the cleanser and the mask which is so awesome because turmeric is a beauty secret in South Asian countries.

“When you get married back in Bangladesh and in South Eastern culture in general, there’s a pre-gaming event prior to the wedding that’s a glam routine and an awesome celebration.

“Your friends and family come and they actually pick up some of the paste and apply it on your face and your arms as a way of prepping you and getting you excited for your big day.”

Asked whether she had any beauty tips which she had picked up from her mum, she replied:

“First of all, turmeric. Making masks at home using turmeric and honey was so, so necessary in my day-to-day life growing up.

“My mom would always sit down to put oil in my hair and I remember being so frustrated.”

“I’m like, ‘I don’t want to put oils in my hair!’

“But they were really enriching, nourishing oils, and it’s such an intimate practice that happens between mother or guardian and daughter.

“The oils always made my hair look so shiny and luscious, and the turmeric masks would always make my skin look so great ahead of picture day.”

Noor, who recently announced her pregnancy, rose to fame on YouTube with her various DIY tutorials and her inclusive mindset.

Nabela Noor currently has over a million subscribers on her channel.

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