7 Lipsticks for South Asian Women on a Budget

We present a range of high-street brands that have chic and luxurious lipsticks for South Asian women that won’t break the bank.

budget lipsticks

This Maybelline lipstick is known for no crumbling, no caking and no fading.

When choosing the right lipsticks, South Asian women face several problems: is it the right shade? Can I afford this one? Will it last?

A common problem that Desi women face is selecting the correct shade of lipstick which matches their skin colour vs. the colours and products make-up companies market towards darker skin women.

However, the pricing of these ‘specially selected’ lipsticks for Asian women can be very expensive.

So, finding lipsticks which suit the shades of Desi skin colour that also are kind to the pocket is always a challenge.

Lipsticks have evolved since the Egyptian era of Cleopatra over 5000 years ago when it’s said they were first created to today, where the choices are increasing.

There are over 1000 shades and many different ‘types’ of lipsticks that are easily available today.

From, creme gloss to a matte finish, we present seven lipsticks which are the best suited for South Asian women on a tight budget:

Sleek, Matte Me Metallic – £4.99

matte-me-metallic lipsticks

This full coverage lipstick comes in a range of colours, whether it is dark red or a complete nude.

The colours have an undertone shimmer which is subtle yet glowy.

It applies as though a lipgloss but dries off as a matte lipstick.

The container is hard plastic with a soft oval shaped applicator.

For £4.99 you cannot go wrong for an every-day long lasting lipstick.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – £4.99

rimmel lasting finish lipsticks

With an aptly named shade called ‘Asia 77’ this lipstick has the value for your money and also suits Asian skin tones.

The lipstick is known from reviewers as being very ‘long-lasting’ and can stay applicated for more than 8 hours.

This lipstick has a smooth and creamy texture and is not too heavy for an everyday wear.

This breathable yet medium coverage lipstick is available in other colours and tones which suit Asian skin such as, ‘Heather Shimmer 66’ and ‘Drop of Cherry 58’.

Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits – £6

revolution retro luxe lipsticks

Known as the drugstore version of Kylie Jenner’s popular lip kit, this product is an extreme case of value for your money.

The lip kit involves a lipstick and matching lip-liner.

Available in 11 different shades, this lip kit is the ultimate package for Asian women looking for quality as well as a bargain.

The lip kit provides lipsticks and liners in a matte range as well as metallics, and strangely enough a Halloween ‘unicorn‘ lipstick.

Concentrating particularly on the ‘Echelon’ shade, which is best suited for Asian skin because of its dark pink undertones, this lipstick provides a long-lasting and intense finish.

Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick – £8.49

red-volution 15 lipsticksSlightly more expensive than the previous lipsticks mentioned, this Bourjois special edition lipstick is still well below the budget for a high-quality product.

Bourjois is known for being a reputable high street makeup brand and their selection of affordable lipsticks does not fall short of quality despite its’ cheap price.

Particularly concentrating on the Red-volution 15, this lipstick provides a bold and eccentric finish which is long-lasting with a 24-hour hold.

One out of three of Bourjois’ daring winter shades, this colour will suit every Asian skin tone.

The product has been praised for its’ velvety and light-weight texture, and makeup experts advise users to use their fingers to blend the product in deeper for an even longer lasting effect.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – £9.99

A lot of matte lipsticks can be known to eventually create a dry and crumbling texture that leaves an uncomfortable feeling.

This Maybelline lipstick is known for no crumbling, no caking and no fading.

With an intense ink colour, this lipstick has a deep concentration with an ultra-chic matte finish.

Available in 18 shades, Amazonian 70 and Voyager 50 is the best suited for Asian skin tones.

Amazonian 70 is a combination of a nude pink with a warm brown, whereas Voyager 50 is a dark and bold plum colour which is perfect for any occasion.

Voyager 50 is a lipstick which particularly suits winter because of its’ dark undertones.

Tried and tested to last for 12 hours, this flawless lipstick is high on the list for quality and price value.

B. Matte Lipstick – £6.99

his low priced lipstick has been specially engineered to create a matte look but with a hydrating feel.

B. Matte has fused shea butter with their matte lipsticks to make a luxurious and velvety product without compromising the intensity and pigmentation of the coverage.

Available in 12 shades, this makeup company states that they provide every shade for every skin tone.

The best shades in the B. Matte lipstick range for Asian women are colours; Snatched, Merlot and Raucous.

Snatched is a light brown with some pink hues, signified by its’ apt name; Merlot is a deep rich red, and Raucous is a bright and bold red, perfect for any special occasion.

Revolution Soph Nude Lipsticks – £4


The makeup brand Revolution are known for their cheap but quality products. Their eyeshadow range is what topped them as one of the best high-street makeup brands.

However, their lipsticks are making a stance and this Autumn they have partnered up Youtuber ‘Soph Does Nails’ to create three luxury matte lipsticks.

All named after her favourite sweets; ‘Cake, Fudge and Syrup’ are available for only £4.

“I wanted to create shades that would work for all skin tones. ‘Syrup’ is perfect for all skin tones, it’s a classic brown nude.”

Concentrating specifically on colours ‘Syrup’ and ‘Fudge’ for Asian women, this highly pigmented and velvety new lipstick is perfect for everyday wear.

Wrapped in matte nude packaging, this product comes with a shiny rose gold lid with Soph x imprinted on the bullet of the lipsticks.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – £7.99

Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks
This affordable lipstick tops our list because of its’ super moisturising and long-lasting effect.

Available in 10 exclusive shades, this lipstick has a colour for every mood and every occasion which will suit Asian skin.

This lipstick has a blend of moisturisers and oils which make it moisturising as well as maintaining a full coverage.

The rich formula is infused with Crambe oil which is native from Ethiopia and is known to be helpful for skin rejuvenation.

With these benefits of vitamins and oils, £7.99 is a small price to pay for a nourishing product which is readily available on the high-street.

Lipsticks are a luxurious product which can cost a lot of money, hopefully, the lipsticks described give you an insight on which lipsticks are good quality and value for money.

Shreya is a Multimedia Journalist graduate and thoroughly enjoys being creative and writing. She has a passion for travelling and dancing. Her motto is 'life is too short so do whatever makes you happy.'

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