Desi Remedies for Women’s Period Cramps

Women who struggle with menstrual pain monthly can use these natural Desi remedies for period cramps to help reduce the agony.

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It is recommended to start drinking tea a week before the period occurs.

Many women use prescription medicines to get rid of period cramps.  However, there are healthy and natural Desi remedies for period cramps which can be very effective.

We’ve collated some well known natural Desi remedies for different types of period pain.

Using these alternative remedies can help you alleviate your cramps, improving your well-being during your menstruation.

The word Ayurveda is comprised of two Sanskrit terms. Ayur means life, while Veda translates into science and knowledge.

They explore natural methods for improving the wellness of the body and mind. Ayurveda continues to evolve as it responds to the discovery of new diseases.

The main principle of Ayurveda states that the mind and body are connected and the mind has the power to heal and transform a person’s whole being.

Ancient Indian Ayurvedic teachings are over 5000 years old, where its believed that the ancient rishis of India received the gift of Ayurveda from Hindu Gods.

Essential information on how to achieve a balanced and healthy life is recorded in their sacred texts, the Vedas, specifically the Atharva Veda.

Three forces are fundamental to the concept of Ayurveda. These are the Vata, Pitta and Kapha, also known as dosha which is used as the basis for three types of period cramps.

They are thought to circulate through the body and control a person’s physiological operations. Which is why remedies are known to help the reduce pain, including period cramps.

Using the teaching as a basis for helping with period cramps, we bring you the Desi remedies which can help.

Garlic Milk

Desi Remedies for Period Cramps

Vata menstrual cramps appear before the bleeding begins. The body also experiences these cramps at the beginning of bleeding.

At this point, the blood is darker as fresh and old blood mix up. Women feel the pain in the lower abdomen and back.

This type of pain can be prevented by preparing and consuming a drink of garlic milk.

This garlic milk drink should be consumed during the whole month before menstruation.


The following recipe describes how to prepare the garlic milk.

  1. Crush three garlic cloves and boil them in one cup of milk
  2. Then add  ¼ of a tablespoon of turmeric powder
  3. Boil the milk until the garlic softens
  4. Remove the mixture from the stove

Optionally, add one tablespoon of honey or one pinch of black pepper powder.

Remember to consume the garlic milk before you start menstruation.


period cramps desi remedies

It’s important to hydrate your body during and before period.

An increased blood flow causes congestion. Therefore, hot liquids can certainly help reduce it.

Tea prepared with natural Desi ingredients can certainly help with addressing the congestion.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is especially helpful because it is a well-known ingredient and used in so many Desi remedies to help with all kinds of ailments.

When consumed, ginger creates heat around the uterus and encourages contractions.

Therefore, drinking ginger tea will help with period pains.


The ingredients needed for the ginger tea recipe are a ginger root, water and honey.

  1. Slice up a ginger root into little pieces
  2. Put two full spoons of ginger in one cup of water
  3. Boil the water with ginger slices for 45 minutes to one hour
  4. Pour the tea into a cup and drink while hot
  5. Before drinking the tea, you can also add some honey

It is recommended to start drinking ginger tea a week before your period occurs.

Peppermint Oil Tea

Both peppermint and ginger tea with lemon are natural period cramps remedies.

Peppermint oil  contains menthol which helps in decreasing muscle spasms and the pain of menstrual cramps.

Follow the same recipe as the ginger tea, but replace the ginger with peppermint oil.

Rose & Hibiscus Tea


  1. Add the water, rose water, and ginger to a small pot and bring to a boil
  2. Remove the cube of ginger and tea bags and pour into your mug.
  3. Sweeten with a little bit of maple syrup or agave.

It is recommended to have rose and hibiscus tea with cinnamon during the Pitta cramps. It is the heaviest and most painful type of cramp.

While it helps with menstrual cramps, hibiscus tea also balances out mood swings, depression and the need for overeating during the period.

Pitta menstrual cramps produce yellow and red blood and cause swollen breasts, irritability and a headache. In some cases, they can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

Self Massage

Desi Remedies for Period Cramps

Salt Scrub

One of the main causes of menstrual cramps is a lack of nutrients such as magnesium and iron. Therefore, a traditional Ayurvedic body salt scrub is a natural solution to period cramps as it contains magnesium.

It is the best to use Sea salt, Himalayan salt or Epsom salt, which all contain a lot of minerals. Epsom salt also is the richest with magnesium as it is made of magnesium sulfate.

Avoid table salt as it mostly consists of iodine.

Rubbing the salt scrub around the pelvis increases blood and lymph circulation. Magnesium relaxes the uterus and friction from rubbing the salt enhances the lymph movement.

Higher blood circulation increases the menstrual flow, but it also relaxes the body and decreases the cramps.


The ingredients for the salt scrub recipe are salt, natural oil and powdered herbs and essential oils.

  1. Take two cups of salt
  2. Fill one cup or half of a cup with coconut, olive, almond or grapeseed oil
  3. Mix up the powdered herbs, essential oils and salt

Some of the best essential oils  for period cramps are peppermint oil, vetiver, clary sage, eucalyptus, marjoram, cypress and lavender oil. For the best effect, it is recommended to use organic oils and avoid GMO oils.

Daily Udwarthana or Ayurvedic dry or oily massage with salt body scrub should release the painful symptoms of period cramps.

Rub the handmade salt scrub daily with repeated upward strokes. As the salt can dry and irritate your skin, you can rub some lotion after your self-massage.

Breast Massage

Massaging breasts with Breast Care Balm helps with swollen breasts.

Furthermore, the breast massage enhances blood and lymph circulation, regulates the menstrual cycle and relieves cramps.

Massage your breasts every day during the premenstrual period. Do this until the pain in your breasts disappears.

While massaging, always use a light touch while applying light pressure with palms and undersides of your fingers.

It is the best to pick a comfortable, warm and quiet place for the massage.

Apply these massage techniques for 5 to 15 minutes per day, 2 to 3 times per week.

Massage Techniques

  1. Use the hand opposite of the breast that you are massaging. Massage your breasts with circular strokes and medium pressure massage starting from a nipple towards the underarm.
  2. Gently move fingers around your breasts using the soap as a moisturizer.
  3. Gently knead your breasts with lifting movements.

Aloe Vera

Desi Remedies for Period Cramps

In Ayurvedic teachings, Pitta represents the elements of fire and water. When women have Pitta cramps it is necessary to cool down the heated body.

Aloe Vera is perfect for this as it cools down body temperature during the menstrual flow. You can drink an Aloe Vera juice made with Aloe Vera gel.

Note that the outer skin of the Aloe Vera leaf is toxic. It must be removed with scissors before preparing the juice.

Take a maximum of 1 to 2 tsp of gel daily. The remaining juice must be used in five to seven days.


  1. Wash the Aloe Vera leaf and dry with a cloth
  2. Cut the edges of the leaf and open it up in the middle
  3. Extract all the gel from the yellow and green parts
  4. Add 2 tsp of Aloe Vera gel to 1 cup of water or any other fruit juice
  5. Blend it together and enjoy

Add sweeteners and lemon juice as desired.

Aloe Vera is one of the period cramps remedies for multiple purposes.

The purity of aloe vera manages to regulate the hormonal disorder that can cause menstruation, both in the case of dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea. Therefore increasing menstrual flow.

It is also beneficial for the stomach, as it regulates the pH of the stomach and reduces acidity thanks to the vitamins of the B complex, present in the aloe gel.

To combat period cramp, consume Aloe Vera gel with one tablespoon of honey every morning. Continued use of this routine will ensure reduced period cramps.

Yoga and Meditation


You don’t have to give up sports during your period. In fact, doing simple yoga routines reduces period cramps. Yoga relieves both the physical and mental symptoms of period pain.

Different factors of period pain include PMS, polycystic ovary syndrome (which can cause missed or infrequent periods) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a severe form of PMS that involves serious mood-related symptoms as well as physical ones.

Yoga especially reduces Kapha menstrual flow, which is yellowish in colour, heavier and lasts longer. It can even cause yeast infections.

This type of cramp causes an urge for prolonged sleep, due to rising and falling levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which regulate the menstrual cycle.

A woman’s mood also fluctuates and depression-like symptoms occur. These negative effects are counterbalanced with these steps.

Things to avoid

  1. It is recommended to avoid sleeping in and sleeping in the day because period cramps have a bigger influence on the quality of sleep
  2. Staying active is extremely important during this time. So, try to do all the things you do which keep you active
  3. Exercise can definitely help fight period symptoms. Headaches, moodiness, and bloating all improve during exercise

The more active and regular you are overall with your exercise, the better your periods end up being.

Light exercises such as walking and yoga especially are very helpful.

Another natural and Ayurvedic solution to cramps is meditation as it calms our minds and releases stress hormones. It increases the balance of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

Even meditating 10 minutes in the morning can make a big difference.

Menstruation is not a disease, but a state that is completely natural. 

These Desi remedies don’t take up much time to prepare and can contribute towards easing for that ‘time of the month’.

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