Gang-Rape Victim & Mother killed by Tractor driven by Accused

A shocking incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh in which a gang-rape victim and her mother were killed by a tractor that was driven by one of the accused.

Gang-Rape Victim & Mother killed by Tractor driven by Accused f

Rajput was accused of raping the teenager

A police investigation is underway after a gang-rape victim and her mother were killed.

The shocking incident happened in the district of Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

It was reported that they were “crushed to death” under a tractor that had been driven by one of the rape accused.

According to the police, the 17-year-old victim and her mother had been on their way home from the market in Amapur when one of the accused rapists ran them over with his tractor.

The accused has been identified as Yashveer Rajput.

The two victims were killed instantly. Meanwhile, Rajput fled the scene.

Locals saw the two bodies and were enraged. They blocked the traffic in protest and demanded for the accused to be arrested.

Police arrived at the scene and eventually managed to disperse the crowd.

Although Rajput was accused of raping the teenager, police say the double murder was an act of revenge as the family of the victims and Rajput were embroiled in a long-running feud.

In 2016, the accused’s father Mahaveer Rajput was murdered by several of the victims’ family.

Badan Singh and his associates were arrested and imprisoned. Two family members currently remain in prison.

A few months ago, the mother filed a case of kidnapping and gang-rape against Rajput.

He had allegedly abducted the teenager and later gang-raped her along with two of his friends. They were arrested but Superintendent Shushil Kumar Ghule said they were released on bail recently.

Rajput was angered by the case registered against him so he decided to matters into his own hands.

He deliberately drove over the gang-rape victim and her mother as an act of revenge for his father’s killing and to avoid imprisonment in the rape case.

Police have registered an FIR against Rajput and an investigation is underway to arrest him. He currently remains on the run.

In another shocking case, a man strangled his daughter to death after he found out she was pregnant. He killed her in her sleep as she had become pregnant after she was allegedly raped.

According to police, the unnamed man committed the murder to preserve the “family honour”.

The girl lived with her grandparents. They had taken her to hospital where doctors told them that she was pregnant. When they informed the father, he was enraged. He turned up at the house, however, he left shortly after.

The father returned to the house at 5 am where he strangled his daughter to death as she slept.

Villagers heard about the girl’s death but the man claimed that she had taken her own life and that he had already buried her. He later fled the village.

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