Desi Groom makes Entrance on Tractor at Canadian Wedding

One Desi groom decided to make a completely unforgettable arrival to his Canadian wedding – by turning up in a tractor! It’s turned into a viral hit online.

Desi Groom makes Entrance on Tractor at Canadian Wedding

With a caption simply put as: "Wedding goals", one can't help but feel some desi brides wouldn't agree!

As one can expect with a wedding, every groom wants to make a good impression with their entrance. But this Desi, Canadian groom decided to take things to the next level – by arriving in a tractor!

It may sound shocking, but as a video posted on Instagram shows, an unknown groom decided to forgo the usual ideas of arriving in a luxury car.

Instead, he arrives at his own wedding in a tractor, with the guests on a trailer behind.

The video has turned into a viral hit, with 36,000 views and many commenting on the amusing footage.

With a caption simply put as: “Wedding goals”, one can’t help but feel some Desi brides wouldn’t agree!

Located in Canada, the footage begins with the tractor slowly emerging into view. In front are white, lavish cars, yet the groom still preferred his unconventional method of transport. With Punjabi tracks playing loudly in the background, a few turned their heads to catch a glimpse of the sight.

Once the camera gets a full view of the blue tractor, you can see the groom with his baraat, either sitting in the vehicle or standing on a trailer attached behind.

In addition, others also arrived at the wedding in rickshaws, such as two women in the beginning of the footage.

As many of the guests hold up flags, they appear in high spirits, ready to celebrate.

It seems, regardless of the unusual way to arrive at a wedding, everyone still enjoyed the special day.

Watch the video here:

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As the video turns into a viral hit, many will wonder what the bride thought of her groom’s unique arrival. With weddings typically regarded as the day for the bride to shine, this Desi groom has certainly stolen the spotlight.

Perhaps this may even start a new trend in weddings. Where, instead of the typical luxury cars, brides and grooms will look to other unusual modes of transport.

After all, in this Canadian wedding, it has certainly left a lasting impression on the internet.

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Images courtesy of Punjabi_hangover Instagram.

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