Indian Couple Injured after Falling off Wedding Entrance Swing

An Indian couple were left injured after they fell off an extravagant wedding entrance swing at their venue in Raipur.

Indian Couple Injured after Falling off Wedding Entrance Swing

"Why can't people get married simply?"

An Indian couple hoping to make a grand entrance on their wedding day by standing on a swing were left injured after falling off it.

A video of the bride and groom at their venue in the Telibandha area of Raipur, Chhattisgarh on December 12, 2021, has since gone viral.

It shows the pair standing on a fancy oval swing-like platform and ascending from the stage while surrounded by fireworks and background dancers.

However, the harness for the swing unexpectedly snaps, forcing the couple to suddenly drop from a height of around 12-feet.

Wedding guests are heard gasping and are seen running towards the stage in the clip shared across various social media platforms, including Twitter.

The bride and groom sustained minor injuries following the incident, which netizens responded to with mixed views.

One person asked: “Wedding or stage show?”

Another agreed: “This need to be stopped… Why can’t people get married simply?”

However, one user argued: “Blessing in disguise! Now it’s certainly memorable and famous! The feat they wanted!

“Happy and healthy married life and a little delayed honeymoon.”

Someone else joked: “They truly ‘fell in love’.”

Others also questioned the safety of the operation and suggested a possible reason for the fall.

One netizen wrote:

“Crackers on a palanquin with thread rope? Use some common sense.”

“Look how closely crackers are placed here on the rope.

“They might have seen this somewhere where chains were present but due to cost-cutting they replaced chains with ropes and rope got burnt.”

Another said: “Why you shouldn’t skip school to be event planners? Cause harnesses are combustible.”

The event organisers, who do not appear to have been named, have accepted full responsibility for the fall.

They also confirmed that wedding rituals continued around 15 minutes later.

It comes just weeks after another Indian couple fell from a height during their wedding ceremony – this time from a crane.

A video, which also went viral, shows them sitting above their guests on a makeshift sofa on top of the scoop of a high-lift loader.

All of a sudden, they drop from high 10ft and crash through a table underneath them amid gasps and screams from loved ones.

The clip of the scene from the wedding ceremony has been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

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