Top Beautiful and Lavish British Asian Wedding Venues

British Asian weddings have got bigger and so have venues. We’ve scoured the UK to find some of the lavish wedding venues for your perfect Desi shaadi.

Lavish Wedding Venues

Only 6 per cent of British Asians would spend less than £20,000 on a wedding.

From the days of Punjabi weddings held in pub function rooms with meat served in plastic buckets, alcohol consumed at extraordinary levels, and women cooking at home; to those Pakistani weddings held at the local community centre and Gujarati weddings taking place in schools – Asian wedding venues have definitely come a long way.

Over the years, Asian weddings have become more and more extravagant. Instead of the simple dine and dash option within a small and cramped room, we now expect to see grandeur and entertainment.

The most expensive food is purchased and the décor will be impeccable. Let’s not forget the scenic venue. It’s all a package deal for the modern Asian wedding.

The stem of these stunning and lavish weddings comes from the second and third generations of Asians growing up in Britain. Years ago, it would have been all up to the parents; the venue, the clothes, the jewellery, the entertainment and the food, with no opinion from the bride and groom to be.

But the time when parents controlled everything has long passed. Parents might still be there to oversee preparations, but in the end, it all boils down to the couple themselves to create their ideal modern Asian wedding. So what is the budget for such perfection?

According to a DESIblitz poll, 39 per cent of people are willing to spend between £30,000 and £50,000 on their dream wedding.

24 per cent of British Asians opt for a lower price range of between £20,000 and £30,000 while an impressive 22 per cent are willing to spend between £50,000 and £75,000.

It seems that the tradition of the local community hall wedding is no longer acceptable, as only 6 per cent of British Asians would spend less than £20,000 on a wedding.

With the big day in the modern couple’s hands, they will be scouring the UK for the best venue they can possibly find.

To help, we’ve compiled a handy guide of the top wedding venues and locations across the UK.

Newland Manor

Wedding Venues Newland Manor

Newland Manor is situated in Buckinghamshire just outside of Central London. A regal manor house with 250 acres of parkland, it offers both indoor and outdoor venues.

Asian weddings are a speciality at Newland Manor with stunning and original décor and many choices available for the bride and groom to be.

They host endless Asian weddings every year and make wedding dreams come true.

The manor has many different rooms available for hire, so it can be tailored specifically. The maximum capacity is 150 guests so it would be brilliant for an intimate wedding.

One of the special features of Newland Manor is its sweeping staircase, not only is it a delightful wedding photo moment but the perfect entrance to your big day.

Cost: Having a Newland Manor wedding can cost up to £40,000.

Kempton Park Racecourse

Wedding Venues Kempton Park Racecourse

Kempton Park Racecourse will most certainly leave wedding guests gawking in awe.

Situated in gorgeous Surrey, the park is 400 acres of race grounds and countryside that is kept in impeccable condition.

Couples also have the option to choose a race day or non-race day as the backdrop for their wedding.

The beautiful Premier Suite can hold up to 500 guests. This also includes partitioning as part of the package and is a useful option for a segregated Asian reception.

Kempton is a truly unique venue for any young couple. The Premier Suite also has a large balcony that connects to the Grandstand and is the perfect atmosphere for a summer wedding.

The Clubhouse Suite is also a popular option for Asian couples wanting to downsize, housing up to 200 guests, and they specialise in traditional Asian wedding ceremonies as well.

Cost: A wedding at Kempton Park can cost around £40,000.

The City Pavilion

The City Pavilion

One of the largest Asian wedding halls in London, the City Pavilion offers room for up to 1200 guests.

It is specific to Asian weddings and provides excellent catering services – one of the reasons why it is a top venue. The Millennium Suite can hold between 300 and 1200 guests, making it an easy choice for huge Asian weddings.

Its versatility means that couples have the freedom to choose exactly what they want, from traditional Indian with reds and golds, to a more subtle vintage ivory and lace theme.

With its own award-winning catering available, you can also choose from a traditional English menu to mouth-watering Asian cuisine.

Cost: The average Asian couple can spend between £30,000 to £40,000 on their City Pavilion dream.

Grosvenor House (A JW Marriott Hotel)

Grosvenor House

Situated in the bustling city of London, Grosvenor House is a top venue for Asian events. Often visited by celebrities and royal faces, it is a well-established venue.

At the esteemed central locale of Park Lane, the hotel’s reception venues can offer 61,000 sq ft of space for guests.

It has a specific package deal for multicultural weddings catering on average for 500 guests, with it’s largest venue holding up to 2000 guests. So you don’t have to leave anyone out!

With speciality lighting available to create the perfect mood, Asian cuisine is also available to satisfy family and relatives.

Grosvenor House is the perfect choice for a truly luxurious wedding that will leave guests well and truly impressed.

Cost: Prices for Grosvenor House start from £30,000.

Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle is situated in Winchcombe in Gloucestershire. The Castle and its award-winning gardens span over a thousand acres surrounded by the Cotswold Hills.

A wedding venue full of history, it has one of the best kept gardens in the UK. A truly beautiful landscape with breathtaking scenery, it really is princess perfect for a regal wedding. And a wedding photographer’s dream.

Inside, Sudeley Castle has a capacity for 120 guests. For bigger weddings, couples can opt for the marquee option held on the stunning grounds adjacent to the castle.

The North Lawn overlooks 15th century ruins, gardens and a carp pond. It can cater for 500 guests. There is also the Hop Field and the Mulberry Lawn marquees available that can hold 500 and 180 guests respectively.

Cost: The average cost of a wedding at Sudeley Castle is up to £45,000, and they host around 30 Asian weddings per year.

These days, weddings are the highlight of most couple’s lives, and young British Asians will go to almost any length to ensure it is as perfect as possible.

With so many beautiful scenic wedding venues to choose from across the UK, Asians no longer need to resort to the local community hall to find the best location to have their dream wedding.

Yasmeen is an aspiring fashion designer. Aside from writing and fashion she enjoys travel, culture, reading and drawing. Her motto is: "Everything has beauty."