Muneeb Butt reveals he regrets having a Lavish Wedding

In a guest appearance on a TV show, Muneeb Butt admitted that he regrets having a lavish wedding ceremony.

Muneeb Butt reveals he regrets having a Lavish Wedding f

"I will change the way I did my wedding events."

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt etched their names in headlines with their expensive wedding in 2018.

The extravagant affair, characterised by lavish celebrations and a star-studded guest list, became a focal point of public attention.

The couple extended invitations to numerous prominent figures from the entertainment industry.

This spectacle, while capturing the essence of grandeur, also triggered substantial public backlash.

Critics attacked Aiman and Muneeb for what was perceived as overspending on unnecessary events.

The event raised eyebrows in a society where economic disparities were are so abundant.

Despite the criticism, the couple remains open about their grand wedding, weaving it into the fabric of their public narrative.

In a recent clip from TV One’s talk show circulating on social media, Muneeb Butt offered candid insights.

He talked about two main events he would change in his life if given the chance.

Firstly, he expressed regret over choosing pre-engineering, citing its inherent difficulty, which ultimately led to his academic setback.

Secondly, Muneeb admitted that he would opt for a more modest wedding.

He acknowledged the evolving economic circumstances and the prevalent inflation in Pakistan.

Expanding on this, Muneeb stated: “I will change the way I did my wedding events.

“I will not indulge in numerous extravagant events and will not spend excessively because of the current economic challenges in Pakistan.”

The actor underscored the inappropriateness of spending extra funds for personal happiness in such times.

He says many people, including his neighbours, are trying hard just to buy bread and butter.

Muneeb emphasised his awareness of the economic struggles faced by many in the country:

“Now, I have cut down my big events. Celebrating kids’ birthdays is another thing, but we don’t do huge events now.”

Various opinions were shared by netizens in light of his recent statements.

One user said: “What’s the use of crying over spilt milk.”

Another wrote: “Regretting it will not undo it. Imagine the amount of good you could have done from the 70 crores that you spent on useless functions.”

One commented: “At least he realises where they were wrong now.”

Another remarked: “I’m surprised that they are still together. Weddings like theirs, they don’t work for long.”

It is unclear what made Muneeb Butt have a change of heart regarding extravagant events. Many think it was the severe criticism the couple received online.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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