Muneeb Butt to play ‘Notorious’ Pimp in ‘Motia Sarkar’

Muneeb Butt has shared glimpses of his look as the titular character in the upcoming show ‘Motia Sarkar’, playing a pimp.

Muneeb Butt to play 'Notorious' Pimp in 'Motia Sarkar' f

“It’s about his transformation from a pimp to spirituality."

Muneeb Butt has unveiled his dramatic transformation in his upcoming show Motia Sarkar.

The story is based on the titular Motia, a young man who works in a brothel in a red light district.

But throughout the series, his character arc changes, going from notorious pimp to a man on a spiritual journey.

Speaking about his role, Muneeb said:

“It’s dark content, an art play. It’s about a boy named Motia whose mother and sister are both prostitutes.

“It’s about his transformation from a pimp to spirituality.

“In our field, where such roles are rare, I strive to fearlessly explore my craft, pushing boundaries, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

“When it airs, I hope my viewers and supporters will like it.”

Muneeb, who is married to actress Aiman Khan and has a daughter Amal, is recognised for his choice of scripts.

Muneeb Butt to play 'Notorious' Pimp in 'Motia Sarkar'

He is known for signing unorthodox projects and Motia Sarkar proves to be no different.

Muneeb shared a number of images from his upcoming drama.

One series of pictures showed Muneeb Butt in a pale blue salwar kameez, leaning against a wall with what seems like a dancing anklet on his foot.

In another series of images, he is seen dressed in black, sitting in what looks like the setting of a shrine, pointing towards the sky.

Muneeb captioned the cluster of photos by stating:

“Stay tuned for an extraordinary character where my role transcends from a notorious pimp in a red light district to a spiritual seeker.”

Fans were quick to express their excitement for the upcoming drama.

One fan wrote: “I’m super excited.”

Another commented:

“I am waiting for your new drama. Best of luck Muneeb.”

One exclaimed: “I’m literally having goosebumps now.”

Muneeb Butt to play 'Notorious' Pimp in 'Motia Sarkar' 2

Members of the drama industry also wished Muneeb success in his new role.

Imran Ashraf wrote: “Very good Muneeb.”

Amna Ilyas added: “You are so amazing and a brilliant actor.”

His most recent project was a limited series titled Sar-e-Rah, in which he appeared in one episode and portrayed a transgender character.

He gained much praise and applause for justifying his character and engaging with the audience in this challenging role.

Muneeb has many successful projects under his belt such as Qaraar, Baandi, Qalandar and Tere Aane Se.

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