‘Mayi Ri’ to explore Child Marriages

A teaser trailer for new Pakistani drama ‘Mayi Ri’ has been released and the show looks to explore child marriages.

Mayi Ri' to explore Child Marriages f

“This drama will be necessary for this society.”

ARY’s new drama Mayi Ri looks to tackle the topic of child marriages.

In the trailer, we see young actress Aina Asif take the lead role in which she is shown as a happy carefree child playing hopscotch, whose life takes an unexpected turn.

After hearing the cries of a baby, Aina enters an eerie room and sees a young man in the spotlight holding the infant.

The trailer indicates that Aina is actually the mother of the child and the man is her husband.

The contrasting tones of the trailer from light to dark, happy to intense is perhaps a reflection on a young girl’s life who is forced into a life she does not want but has no choice but to accept.

At the conclusion, the audience sees a child bride who is covered in a red veil with a pained expression on her face.

Although the trailer intends to portray the story of child marriage, it can also be interpreted to be the story of teenage pregnancy and the repercussions of their actions.

Director Meesam Naqvi posted the trailer on his Instagram page which led to an influx of supporting comments from fans.

One comment read: “Great job. Looks very promising, can’t wait.”

Another read: “Amazing! All the best.”

As the trailer made its way to YouTube, there were even more promising comments from excited viewers.

One individual wrote: “This drama will be necessary for this society.”

One person praised 14-year-old Aina Asif and said:

“Aina always chooses different scripts. More power to her and best of luck for her projects. She has potential.”

Another comment read: “Wow, it looks interesting.”

The drama is full of a talented cast, including the likes of Nauman Ejaz, Haniya Ahmed, Maria Wasti and Amna Malik.

Maya Khan and Hiba Ali Khan are set to make their comebacks with this project.

Samar Jaffri is set to make his acting debut in this drama.

Child marriages continue to be a worry in Pakistani society, and for the drama industry to shed light on such a sensitive topic, we hope there is much awareness raised.

Mayi Ri looks to be an exceptional project, with a strong female lead in which women empowerment and the importance of education for girls will be highlighted.

Aina Asif is a talented up-and-coming star who at a young age has already starred in dramas with big storylines.

Her dramas include hits such as Pehli Si Mohabbat.

She has also appeared in Badzaat, Pinjra and Hum Tum.

Watch the Mayi Ri Teaser


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