Saheefa Jabbar raises Concerns over degrading Wedding Customs

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak recently voiced her opinion on certain wedding customs that she said were degrading.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak reveals 'Dark' Thoughts f

"it's important to conduct yourself with responsibility."

Model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak shared her stance on the degrading customs prevalent in weddings.

Known for her proactive engagement, she criticised certain customs that perpetuate demeaning portrayals.

She said this in the context of Pakistani weddings, where one customary practice involves tossing a deck of money into the air.

This act symbolises wealth, and it is intended to be donated to the less fortunate.

However, Saheefa Jabbar strongly disapproves of this tradition, deeming it not only demeaning but also inhumane.

She stated: “It is the happiest day of your life and your family.

“I understand that I wish nothing but lifelong happiness and a great future ahead.

“With this, I would like to add that it doesn’t have to include less privileged individuals picking up money from the ground and bending in front of you.”

According to her, the spectacle of individuals scrambling to grab the money perpetuates an undignified and degrading portrayal of those in need.

She continued: “When you have millions of followers on various platforms, it’s important to conduct yourself with responsibility.

“Putting an end to such customs and traditions is something we people with influence should focus on and the responsibility lies with you.”

She has raised her concerns over such matters in the past as well and viewers highly respect her for her sensitivity.

One person said: “This is why I love Saheefa. She always talks about important things that no one even pays much attention to.”

Another wrote: “They did this at my wedding too.

“I feel so guilty as I remember little children, barefoot, trying to get the money before anyone else does.”

One commented: “I wish this was talked about more. People have made it a status symbol, the more money you throw, the more respect you have.”

Another stated: “This is a symbol of arrogance, not wealth. It is a way to tell the poor that ‘I am better than you’.

“Maybe in a perfect world, this would actually stop happening. But not in Pakistan.”

One remarked: “My respect for Saheefa. She uses her platform well.”

As a prominent voice in social discussions, Saheefa Jabbar continues to leverage her platform to prompt introspection and dialogue.

She advocates for societal change in the face of practices that compromise the values of respect and equality.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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