Mia Khalifa mocks Critics who Hate her Jewellery Brand’s Name

Mia Khalifa launched her jewellery brand, however, there were some who did not like the name. The influencer has hit back at the haters.

Mia Khalifa mocks Critics who Hate her Jewellery Brand's Name f

"Sheytan means Satan dear hope you knew that."

Mia Khalifa has mocked those who are criticising her over the name of her new jewellery brand.

After months of speculation, the former adult film star announced the launch of Sheytan on July 10, 2023.

She told her fans she was “internally screaming” after finally introducing her body jewellery brand, which is inspired by belly dancers from the 1930s and 40s.

Mia set pulses racing with a 15-second clip of her flaunting her gorgeous gold designs that was filmed in Paris.

Mia is seen wearing her body jewellery while frolicking in the streets, charging up a set of subway stairs and sipping a drink in a cafe.

She then climbs into a vintage car to offer a close-up view of her £78 hand chain, before seductively eating oysters.

Mia ends the video by laying nude in a bath of luminous blue water while also proving that her products will not get ruined during a swim or shower.

The influencer captioned the clip: “Secret’s out…. @sheytan.world is ready for you. (Internally screaming!!!!)”

The line, which includes body chains, ankle bracelets and necklaces, is now available for preorder.

Despite her fashion venture, some people took issue with the name of the brand, which translates to “devil” in Arabic.

One person said: “Sheytan means Satan dear hope you knew that.”

Another user wrote: “Lol so you’re going to ignore the fact that Arabic is such a huge part of Islam? Why not name [the brand] Diabla then?”

A third wondered: “I wanna know why you named it that.”

Others criticised Mia for being “obsessed with Islam”.

Mia Khalifa mocks Critics who Hate her Jewellery Brand's Name

But not one to take criticism, Mia took to TikTok to shut down the trolls in a video subtitled:

“Arabs losing their mind over naming my jewellery brand ‘Diabla’ in Arabic.”

Dressed in a pink robe, Mia could be seen mouthing the words:

“And shout out again to all those people who hate my guts, but are sitting in a quiet place listening to my show, you are obsessed and sick.

“Shout out to everybody who’s made a fake page just to stare at me and spy on me, you are obsessed and sick.”

“Okay? Okay.”

@miakhalifa THE SHEYTAN WORLD IS OUR PLAYGROUND @Sheytan | ????? ? Obsessed and sick – Just Listen

Fans also rushed to the comments to show their support for Mia, with one person writing:

“It’s beautiful jewellery just like you, love!”

Another said: “You are always looking great with your jewellery, can’t wait to shop.”

Mia Khalifa is almost never seen with her gold body chain and previously, she revealed that she doesn’t take them off even when she showers.

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