Indian Husband finds Wife’s Affair Photos on Her Phone

An Indian husband discovered his wife was having an affair after finding pictures of the woman with her lover on her phone.

Indian Husband finds Wife's Affair Photos on Her Phone f

Raj noticed a change in his wife's behaviour.

An Indian husband was asked by his wife to transfer her mobile data to the laptop, however, the phone revealed photos of her affair.

The husband had sent his wife abroad in the hope that she would earn good money by working there.

The husband, Raj, explained that he got married in 2012. His wife had been studying at the time. While studying, she expressed her wish to study abroad.

Raj agreed and sent his wife to Singapore in 2018. After this, she wanted to go to Cyprus.

In 2019, she went to Cyprus. Whilst there, the woman met a man named Navdeep Kumar and the pair had an affair. They reportedly ended up getting married.

To ensure she could stay, Navdeep and the woman produced fake divorce papers and claimed that the two were siblings.

As she continued her time in Cyprus, Raj noticed a change in his wife’s behaviour. She then started saying that wanted to obtain a degree from Europe.

The woman eventually returned to India. Soon after returning to her husband, the wife insisted on going back to Cyprus and wanted to take their daughter with her.

The wife was set to go, however, her phone ran out of memory. She asked Raj to transfer some of the data to the laptop.

While going through her phone, he found photos of his wife with Navdeep.

He also found a video of the pair which confirmed their illicit relationship.

When he confronted her, she admitted that she had been having an affair while in Cyprus. She then left for Cyprus.

Nine days later, she returned to the Indian husband and began apologising. The wife then told him that Navdeep had prepared fake divorce papers.

She admitted that the documents were created by her, Navdeep and his father.

Raj felt cheated and went to the police. It was discovered that the marriage between Navdeep and the woman was registered on October 29, 2019.

Reportedly, Navdeep produced the documents so that the woman could stay in Cyprus.

Meanwhile, Raj stated that he has not divorced his wife. He told police that his wife and her lover produced bogus divorce documents.

Following the complaint, police registered a case against the wife, Navdeep and his father.

An investigation into the affair and fraud is currently ongoing.

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