Indian Wife killed by Husband 3 Months after Love Marriage

In a shocking incident, an Indian wife from Madhya Pradesh was killed by her husband just three months after having a love marriage.

Indian Husband kills Wife 3 Months after Love Marriage f

After killing her, Harsha realised what he had done

A police investigation is underway after an Indian wife was killed by her husband on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, almost three months after they had a love marriage.

The shocking incident happened in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Police identified the man as 23-year-old Harsha Sharma while the victim was Anshu, aged 22. It was reported that Harsha is the grandson of former politician Yagya Datt Sharma.

Police have said that the accused strangled his wife to death. After realising what he had done, he sat next to his wife’s body for one hour before handing himself in to police.

It is claimed that Harsha suspected that Anshu continued to have a relationship with her ex-fiance Sachin.

Prior to the murder, Harsha received a WhatsApp call which alleged that Anshu was still in contact with Sachin. It is not known who made the WhatsApp call.

The young man confronted his wife on the issue and they became embroiled in a row. In a fit of anger, Harsha strangled his wife to death.

After killing her, Harsha realised what he had done and sat with the body for an hour before calling his father Rajiv Sharma.

He then went to Sanyogita Ganj Police Station and told officers that he had killed his wife. He went on to say that he had been married to her for nearly three months.

In June, Harsha had started a new business and a month later, Anshu joined the company as a receptionist. During that time, the pair grew closer.

Harsha closed down his company on July 25, 2020.

The pair went missing on August 6, 2020, and ended up getting married on August 19. They started living together in a flat.

However, Anshu’s mother Santosh had arranged her engagement to a man named Sachin.

On August 8, she filed a missing persons’ complaint and later found out that her daughter had eloped and married another man.

On October 28, Santosh demanded justice. Following the post-mortem, she and the family carried the body of the Indian wife and placed it outside the police station.

Santosh also demanded to see Harsha.

Santosh explained that her daughter was given a job at Harsha’s company after an interview.

She claimed that Anshu used to give the accused Rs. 8,000 (£80) a month. She also alleged that after marriage, Harsha would misbehave with Anshu while drunk.

Santosh said: “It was my daughter’s birthday on September 14. I called both of them, but Harsha did not bring her.

“Tuesday night Harsha’s father Rajiv called and asked what had happened to Anshu. I refused and hung up the phone.”

She said that Harsha’s father Rajiv is also guilty. She called for both of them to get the death penalty.

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