Nausheen Masud passes away after Cancer Battle

Nausheen Masud, who was best known for starring in Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat, has passed away after a cancer battle.

Nausheen Masud passes away after Cancer Battle f

“Grateful for the memories we co-created."

Pakistani actress and producer Nausheen Masud has passed away after a battle with cancer.

The news was shared by Adnan Siddiqui and her ex-husband Tariq Qureshi, with whom she has two sons.

Adnan wrote: “Farewell to the remarkable Nausheen Masud, a dear friend and beautiful soul.

“Her warmth and style added magic to every moment we shared on and off camera.

“Grateful for the memories we co-created. Rest peacefully, Nausheen.”

Nausheen had been battling cancer and was undergoing an intensive round of treatment before her death.

She was most known for her role as Saba in the 2010 drama serial Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat and has worked with Ayesha Omar, Javed Malik, Khurram Shehzad, Bushra Ansari, Ali Safina and Sana Askari.

Her role as Saba revolved around a strong female character who was shunned by her parents after divorcing her husband.

Although she has a stern exterior, her employer Azhar recognises she is lonely and invites her to a family wedding which then causes a rift between him and his wife Sila who accuses him of having an affair with his boss.

Apart from acting, Nausheen directed many popular music videos for the likes of Junoon, Jawad Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed and Aamir Zaki.

She had a fondness for art and often shared her work on Instagram with her followers, who labelled her art as powerful and amazing.

During a Mother’s Day campaign a few years ago, Nausheen appeared in a video which saw her answering questions about her mother and the relationship she shared with her.

She described her mother as warm and encouraging, with a patient demeanour.

Nausheen was asked if she had been given any advice from her mother which she has never forgotten.

She replied: “I think somewhere within everything that she said which was proper, there was a very strong lesson of go with your heart and do what you believe in.

“Whether it was in your career or love or anything, she encouraged that very deeply.”

Nausheen was appreciated for the video and many came forward to share their opinions about her.

One viewer said: “She has such a gorgeous personality, very decent. Current dramas are not of her calibre.”

Another added: “She is a classy actress. She should not work in meaningless dramas.”

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