Indian Dance Battle descends into Slap Battle

A dance battle in India took an unexpected turn when the two participants began slapping each other. Footage went viral.

Indian Dance Battle turns into Slap Battle f

"Is it a dance battle or a slap battle?"

A dance battle in India took a bizarre turn when the competitors began slapping each other.

The clip went viral and has left internet users in stitches.

It begins with the two dancers on stage while the crowd sits around the stage and watches.

One dancer paces around the stage, pumping himself up before staring down his ‘opponent’.

The other dancer, with his hood up, does not seem intimidated and stares back. He then playfully pretends to slap the other man’s bottom.

However, the man took issue and said something to him.

He then energetically shows off a few dance moves, evoking cheers from the crowd.

But things took a turn when the dancer jumped knees-first into his opponent, briefly knocking the other dancer off balance.

The taller dancer holds onto the other competitor to prevent him from falling off the stage.

It became serious when the dancer in the T-shirt slapped his opponent across the face and shoved him.

His opponent puts his arms out to the side, seemingly confused by the dancer’s sudden aggression.

Meanwhile, the dance battle organisers rushed onto the stage to prevent things from escalating further. But it was to no avail as the other dancer retaliated with a slap of his own.

As the dance battle looked to become a physical battle, organisers separated the pair before the video abruptly ended.


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The strange descent into a slap battle led social media users to express their amusement and disbelief.

Highlighting the confusing twist, one asked:

“Is it a dance battle or a slap battle?”

Many believed the second dancer’s retaliation was justified, with one saying:

“That last slap was needed.”

Another commented: “That revenge slap felt good.”

A user wrote:

“The face he makes after receiving that revenge slap means he knew he deserved that.”

One comment read: “The second slap has made brother listen.”

However, one netizen had a different take on the situation:

“Agree or not – the taller guy started the fight.”

Meanwhile, some were not impressed by the two men in the video.

One said: “Wastages of the real world.”

Another agreed: “Who watches the stupid dance of these stupid people?”

Some even took the opportunity to mock the first dancer over his height, with one person writing:

“Chotu is giving a lot.”

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