Maira Khan faces Backlash for her UK Holiday Photos

Maira Khan is currently enjoying a vacation in London, sharing snippets of her adventures. However, netizens did not appreciate her posts.

Maira Khan faces Backlash for her UK Holiday Photos f

“You're a role model, please dress more modestly.”

Maira Khan’s passion for travel has taken her to numerous countries and she is currently exploring the UK.

She has consistently demonstrated a bold and uncompromising approach to life, unafraid to openly discuss her personal experiences.

Her unwavering willingness to speak her mind and challenge societal norms has earned her a reputation as a fearless and unapologetic individual.

Throughout her journey, she has been sharing her adventures with her fans and followers, showcasing her impeccable fashion sense and flair for style.

Her Instagram feed has become a visual diary of her travels. They feature an array of stunning outfits and ensembles that have captivated her audience.

Maira Khan faces Backlash for her UK Holiday Photos

Maira Khan has been navigating the iconic landmarks and hidden gems of London.

In the meantime, she has been treating her fans to a visual feast of fashion looks.

From chic daytime attire to elegant evening wear, she has done it all.

Her dedication to showcasing her personal style has resonated with her admirers.

They have flooded the comment sections of her Instagram posts with praise and admiration.

While many have applauded Maira Khan’s confidence and beauty, others have criticised her fashion choices for being bold and revealing.

Many of her looks involved her wearing sleeveless outfits.

A user suggested: “If you’re gonna show your armpits to the world, at least clean them.”

One stated: “You’re a role model, please dress more modestly.”

In one post, she wore a sleek black backless dress.

She had her photos captured from behind, her arms raised above her head. Her body was turned to the side.

Maira Khan faces Backlash for her UK Holiday Photos 2

One commenter wrote:

“Your beauty is more than just physical appearance, please don’t objectify yourself like this.”

Some have also mocked her for “revealing too much” and “setting a bad example” with her fashion choices.

One queried: “What exactly do you want to show? It is very visible actually, we can see everything.”

Another questioned: “How can you post your body like this, knowing that disgusting men are going to see you and have disgusting thoughts?”

One asked: “Have you forgotten that someday you will die? Shame on you Maira Khan.”

Another stated: “The back you are exposing will burn in hell.”

One remarked: “So shameless. Stop trying to become someone you are not.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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