Mehwish Hayat faces Backlash on her recent Photoshoot

Mehwish Hayat faced the wrath of trolls after she shared pictures from her photoshoot, wearing a bathrobe.

Mehwish Hayat faces Backlash on her recent Photoshoot f

"these Pakistani actresses will be popular on p**n sites.”

Mehwish Hayat has recently been subjected to criticism due to her outfit in a recent photoshoot.

The Pakistani actress took to her Instagram and posted a few photos from the shoot, adorned in a cream-coloured bathrobe.

It was made from faux fur fabric and she wore it in an off-the-shoulder fashion.

She paired it with silver jewellery and black gloves. Mehwish’s hair was tied up in a low bun and she wore soft glam makeup to compliment the look.

Sitting on the floor posing in a pink infinity cyclorama, a part of her legs and knees were showing.

In the close-up shot, she was also showing a bit of cleavage. Her fans and followers were not happy with her look.

Mehwish Hayat faces Backlash on her recent Photoshoot

The keyboard warriors quickly stormed the comments section. Many of them thought that she was abolishing her values and cultural background.

One of her followers asked: “Do you call yourself a Muslim?”

Another said: “There will come a time when these Pakistani actresses will be popular on p**n sites.”

One wrote: “Totally vulgar! To everyone supporting her please dress your daughters/sisters like her and feel more proud.”

However, many of her fans came to the actress‘ defence and called the trolls “closed-minded”.

One said: “People are out of their minds! What is wrong with them?

“Go worry about those who need to dress appropriately!!!”

Another wrote: “Shame for what? Being a woman living her life peacefully? Why not shame religious fanatics then?”

One commented: “Just because she showed some shoulder? WOW.”

Mehwish Hayat faces Backlash on her recent Photoshoot 2

The majority of the comments on her post were positive and people were admiring her sheer beauty.

One remarked: “The power of you is such that one sees nothing else more beautiful than you, more gorgeous than you. The smile is the icing on the cake.”

Another said: “I hope she blows up one day because she deserves that…she glows no matter what.

“Look at her! She looks like a Disney Queen!”

One wrote: “Her beauty is on another level! You need to grab an evil eyes repellent, love.”

Mehwish Hayat’s post from the shoot was captioned: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s 2.0!”

She channelled the iconic look of Audrey Hepburn perfectly, paying homage to the timeless character of Holly Golightly.

From the signature hairdo to the long black gloves, and glamorous accessories, Mehwish Hayat captured the essence with striking authenticity.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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