Maira Khan says her Career will End if she adopts Hijab

Maira Khan claimed it would mark the end of her career if she chose to wear a hijab. Netizens have mixed opinions on her recent remark.

Maira Khan says her Career will End if she adopts Hijab f

“Why do women have this mindset?"

In a podcast with Adnan Faisal, the renowned actress Maira Khan shared her thoughts on the matter of hijab.

She shed some light on the challenges she faces in adopting it due to her acting career.

Maira opened up about the stark contrast in response to her social media posts.

She claims when she shares pictures on social media wearing a salwar kameez, the likes she receives are relatively low.

However, when she opts for revealing outfits, such as shorts, the number of likes soar to ten thousand or more.

This striking comparison has become a major obstacle for Maira when deciding to cover her head.

According to her, embracing the hijab would potentially mark the end of her acting career.

Maira Khan says it is one of the demands of the media industry in Pakistan that heavily influences public perception.

She emphasised that the media serves as their primary source of income. For her, choosing to cover her head would mean sacrificing her livelihood.

Maira Khan also compared herself with Katrina Kaif. She claimed if Katrina was wearing shorts while she wore a hijab, the public would prefer Katrina more.

This, she claimed, was because people don’t prefer a hijabi on screen.

The comments under Maira’s post were largely critical. Some individuals questioned her claims.

One asked: “Why do women have this mindset? I think they make the mistake of preferring being rich over a peaceful life.

“Hence, they choose money and not peace.”

Another wrote: “No one is forcing you to work, stop trying to justify your own choices by blaming it on the media.”

A few users supported her claims. They acknowledged the challenges she faces in the entertainment industry.

They also regarded the difficult decision she confronts regarding the hijab.

One user said: “We all know that the industry would not accept her if she were to wear hijab.”

Another user wrote:

“You all criticise, yet you would not prefer seeing a woman with hijab on your screen.”

One wrote: “Leave her alone it’s her personal choice!”

The comments recognised the complexity of balancing personal beliefs and professional aspirations.

The comments Maira Khan received highlight the diversity of opinions on this matter.

Some are questioning the prioritisation of financial gain over personal peace while others defend personal choice and freedom.

Maira Khan’s discussion has sparked broader conversations about the intersection of personal beliefs, societal expectations, and professional constraints.

Ayesha is our South Asia correspondent who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible".

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