Indian Father adopts Girl and gets Her Pregnant

A girl who was adopted by an Indian father, named Rajinder Singh, fell pregnant after he sexually assaulted her. The matter was reported to Punjab police.

Indian Father adopts Girl and gets Her Pregnant f

her daughter was pregnant after being forced to have sex

A traumatic story has emerged of a victim who was raped and subsequently fell pregnant by an Indian father, named Rajinder Singh, who had adopted the victim as a daughter.

Officers from Lohian police station, near Jalandhar in Punjab, unveiled the details of the case after the mother of the victim reported the matter to them.

Jasvir Kaur, the mother, Sukhwinder Singh the father, and the victim, are residents of Sindhar village from Lohian Khas.

The mother accompanied by the father told police that she and her daughter both worked as domestic staff in the house of Rajinder Singh for the last four to five years.

In January 2019, when Rajinder Singh’s wife, who was expecting a child, began to stay at her parents’ or in hospital, he forced a physical relationship with her daughter and raped her.

However, the shocking and devastating point is that Rajinder Singh verbally adopted her daughter about five years ago, after convincing Jasvir that he would look out for her like his very own daughter.

However, what he had in mind was very different and because she trusted this man, there was no way she could tell what his real vile intentions were.

They only realised what was going on after about five months.

Jasvir found out that her daughter was pregnant after being forced to have sex with Rajinder Singh and that he is the father of the child.

Otherwise, if she did not fall pregnant, they would never have found out what Rajinder Singh had been doing to her daughter in secret.

The rape victim only told her mother after her parents forced her to tell them what had happened.

The victim said that in January 2019, when she was on her own in the house doing some housework, he forced himself on her and made her have sex.

The young girl then told her mother that he said if she told anyone he would kill all their family including her.

Jasvir told police that using these kinds of threats, Rajinder Singh continued to rape and sexually abuse her daughter many times, even while pregnant.

Lohian police station’s office Dalbir Singh said that based on the statement given by Jasvir Kaur, the victim’s mother, a case has been registered against Rajinder Singh.

A major investigation of raids has been started by police and they are confident that he will be captured.

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