Shaista Lodhi says she is a Doctor before she is an Actress

Shaista Lodhi spoke about her professional life and stated that she relates to being a doctor more than an actress.

Shaista Lodhi says she is a Doctor before she is an Actress f

"I relate more to being a doctor."

Shaista Lodhi recently shared snippets from her life and career when she appeared on The Talk Talk Show.

She spoke about various subjects such as personal growth and the ever-changing world of social media.

As both a doctor and an actress, Shaista was asked how she was able to handle her multiple roles, all of which require much patience and dedication, to which she replied:

“Challenges are important. If you don’t challenge yourself in life, you can’t test yourself. There is yet a lot more to do.

“You never know, I might be more successful than I am today.

“But basically, Shaista is a doctor. She’s also a television personality, but I relate more to being a doctor.”

Thinking about her journey to where she is now, Shaista compared her journey to chapters of a book.

“I’m in a phase, where, like a book, if you read it in one phase, it’s different.

“If you read it ten years from now, you’ll conceive it differently due to your evolution. I own all those things now.

“Job satisfaction is important and at that time, I thought that it’s fine if I do five shows and even one or two are good.

“Or I’ve been able to give a good social message, say what I want, be who I am for an instant. That’s fine.”

Shaista went on to talk about coming from a male-dominated family and revealed she had the full support of her father and brothers to achieve her dreams, but her mother was her biggest critique.

She continued: “When you’re rebellious, that’s a different energy.

“You want to prove that you aren’t less than men. Perhaps it was that energy.

“My father and my brothers supported me a lot in everything. Mother imparts criticism, but that’s okay.”

Shaista Lodhi spoke of her own role as a mother and said she recognised she had a deeper connection with her daughter than she did to her sons, and put it down to her own relationship with her mother.

“As a mother, I learned a lot from my mother. Even though in the beginning my sons would disagree, especially my elder son.”

“A mother has a different connection with the eldest child, but it’s not like that with me.

“I feel my connection and concern for my daughter might be more, because of my own experience.”

Speaking about her professional life, Shaista admitted that she was affected by negative criticism and that she did not believe people when they said they were not affected by it.

She requested people to be mindful of their words because they could be hurtful.

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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