Shaista Lodhi reveals why Husband rejected his Wife

Shaista Lodhi spoke about incidents at her clinic and revealed that one patient was rejected by her husband.

Shaista Lodhi reveals why Husband rejected his Wife f

"her husband kicked her out of the house because of her stretch marks.”

Shaista Lodhi has revealed some of the emotional stories she comes across when patients come to her for cosmetic procedures.

Shaista said that many of her patients are women who seek help to gain confidence after being bullied by men for their physical appearances.

Appearing on The Talk Talk Show, Shaista spoke about the insecurity young girls and women dealt with and said the feelings surfaced more often than not because of their partners.

Some of her patients would show images that were forwarded by their fiances which led to a hit in their confidence.

Speaking on the topic, Shaista said:

“In those pictures, they’re told that they should look like a certain woman. Then I tell them they should get rid of that man first.

“Can you imagine? It’s such an insult for a man to tell you to look like someone else.”

Shaista then recalled an incident when a patient visited her clinic with her husband.

The man jokingly insisted his wife should look like an actress, angering Shaista.

She said it was unfair the way women were treated in society by men, and that many times she would have to remain silent when men would make unnecessary requests on behalf of their wives.

Speaking about another incident that took place in her surgery, Shaista explained that she was once faced with an uncomfortable situation involving a female patient.

The individual revealed her husband had thrown her out of the house and told her she needed to get treatment for her stretch marks.

Shaista said: “Three days ago a woman came to me and said she recently gave birth, and her husband kicked her out of the house because of her stretch marks.”

She offered support to the patient and advised her that her body was a gift from God and she shouldn’t feel ashamed of it but the woman begged for help in order for her marriage to survive.

But Shaista remained strong and told the woman that the marriage didn’t stand on much if stretch marks were the cause of a domestic issue.

On many occasions, Shaista Lodhi has spoken out against unrealistic beauty standards and believes that one shouldn’t have to change physically for the sake of saving a marriage.

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