Mathira defends Feroze Khan for Kissing Son on the Lips

After Feroze Khan received criticism for sharing a picture of himself kissing his son on the lips, Mathira came out in support of him.

Mathira defends Feroze Khan for Kissing Son on the Lips f

"stop mixing it with the trashy nonsense in your mind!"

Mathira has come out in support of Feroze Khan after the latter posted a picture of himself kissing his son on the lips.

The actor came under fire for the picture as it sparked a discussion about whether kissing a child on their lips is seen as affection or triggering.

Many social media users called the post disturbing and some even posted homophobic comments.

Despite all the backlash, Mathira has spoken out in support of Feroze and ridiculed social media users for their warped mentalities.

Mathira commented: “So many disgusting comments on a pure father and son relationship. Shame on society! Please leave the kid alone!

“Kissing your kid on the lips is normal, so stop mixing it with the trashy nonsense in your mind!

“Stop hurting people! Stay blessed Feroze, and the little one is adorable. You stay strong.”

However, Mathira also came under fire for her supportive words.

One person replied to her comment:

“How is that normal? It’s not even a little peck on the lips, dude is literally making out with a kid. HOW IS THAT NORMAL?”

Another said: “Who are you to teach? What do you do? Don’t you spread vulgarity amongst the young nation?

“First think about yourself and what you have done in the past, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

However, the picture was met with some loving comments for the father-son duo.

One fan wrote: “We all kiss our children on the lips. It’s our love for our children, and people who criticise are just sick-minded people.”

Another said: “The best father in the world. Like father, like son.”

One fan had a message for fellow commenters. The message read:

“Just want to question those who are giving negative comments on a father’s pure love for his son.”

“Who are you guys to tell him to stop posting these pictures?

“I think you guys have never received this kind of love from your parents. But we all got this kind of love and kisses from our parents.

“We love this picture, and Feroze, may God give you all the love you deserve.”

But one fan was unimpressed and said they did not agree with the photograph, writing:

“I am a huge fan of Feroze, but if our hero does something wrong, it is our entire right to correct him, as I have done.”

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