Alia Bhatt faces Backlash for defending her Father’s Infidelity

Alia Bhatt’s old interview of her speaking about infidelity related to her father is going viral, and the actress is receiving backlash.

Alia Bhatt faces Backlash for defending her Father’s Infidelity - f

"Actors are normalising infidelity now???"

Alia Bhatt is facing backlash for defending her father Mahesh Bhatt for cheating on his first wife and falling in love with Soni Razdan.

An old video of her defending her father in an interview is going viral on social media.

Recently, one of the Reddit users dug out an old interview of Alia Bhatt in which she talked about her father Mahesh Bhatt’s extramarital affair.

Mahesh Bhatt married actor Kiran Bhatt and the couple had a daughter, Pooja Bhatt.

Later, he met Soni Razdan and fell in love with her while still married to Kiran.

Though Mahesh eventually parted ways with Kiran, he never divorced her.

During one of her interviews, while promoting her film Kalank, Alia was asked about her thoughts on infidelity and extramarital affairs.

To this, she said that she does not propagate infidelity as things happen for a reason.

She said: “My father met my mother because he had an extramarital affair.

“I am not as black and white about life; sometimes in life, things happen for a reason.

“Of course, you would not want to propagate infidelity, and I don’t propagate it, but I understand the nature of humans — it’s not always that easy, and it is something that’s prevalent.”

She also mentioned in the interview that infidelity is prevalent in our society and added that one should deal with it maturely.

She told people to understand the process rather than turning their heads away:

“You can’t say it doesn’t exist or it can’t exist. It does!

“So try and understand it, look at it in a different way, or disagree with it, but have some perspective over it and don’t turn your head away.”

Meanwhile, Alia’s comments on infidelity and extramarital affair have been widely circulated on the internet, and people are brutally trolling her for defending Mahesh Bhatt.

One user said: “Actors are normalising infidelity now??? Heard somewhat the same thing from her, karan and DP.

“Why cheat though??? Just break up or separate!!! Please give respect to your partner.”

Another commented: “She is a product of Mahesh’s sick relationship. She is obligated to justify it.”

Another user wrote: “Let’s see if she maintains this statement when Ranbir cheats on her.”

However, a section of fans hailed the actor and lauded her for her take on infidelity.

The netizens mentioned that Alia shouldn’t have been asked such questions, as she had no role in her father, Mahesh Bhatt’s extra-marital affair.

A few also praised Alia for taking a stand for her parents rather than defaming them publicly.

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