Why has Jaydev Unadkat called Animal a ‘Disgrace’?

‘Animal’ has emerged as a blockbuster, however, the film has faced criticism and among them is Indian cricketer Jaydev Unadkat.

Why has Jaydev Unadkat criticised Animal f

"one shouldn't glorify and show such acts"

Indian cricketer Jaydev Unadkat is among the people criticising Animal.

The Ranbir Kapoor film has emerged as a blockbuster.

But not everyone is praising the film. Criticism surrounding the film includes the moral compass of the lead characters and the portrayal of female characters in a poor light.

Jaydev Unadkat gave his review of Animal and labelled it a “disgrace”.

In a now-deleted tweet, he said:

“What an absolute disaster #AnimalTheFilm was! Glorifying misogyny in today’s world and then tagging it as mere ‘traditional masculinity’ and ‘alpha male’ is a disgrace.

“We ain’t living in the jungles and palaces and fighting wars or going hunting anymore.

“It doesn’t matter how good the acting was, one shouldn’t glorify and show such acts in a movie that is watched by millions.

“There is a thing called social responsibility even in the entertainment industry that one should never forget. Just feels bad that I wasted my three hours to watch such a pathetically made movie.”

Animal has polarised viewers and previously, Ram Gopal Varma hinted that those who enjoy the film are being judged.

He tweeted: “Thanks to the mega-blockbuster status of Animal.

“For the 1st time in history, the critics from reviewing the film moved on to reviewing the audience.”

Trisha was recently criticised on social media for calling the film “cult”.

Anurag Kashyap defended the film, saying:

“I’m yet to watch Animal. I just returned from Marrakech.

“But I’m aware of the conversations happening online.

“Nobody has the right to tell a filmmaker what kind of films they should and shouldn’t make.

“People in this country get easily offended with films. They get offended with my films too.

“But I expect educated people to not get offended at the drop of a hat.”

Anurag also spoke about Sandeep’s previous film Kabir Singh (2019).

He continued: “What is morality? It’s a very subjective thing. Every kind of character and people exist in this society.

“80 per cent of Indian men are like Kabir Singh. I didn’t have an issue with the subject.”

“This discussion happened during Kabir Singh too.

“Filmmakers have the right to make any film they want to and represent what they want to.

“We can criticise, argue and disagree with them. Films either provoke or evoke.

“I’ve no problem with filmmakers that make provocative cinema. Once I see Animal, I’ll discuss it with the filmmaker.

“I’ll pick up the phone on him. That’s what I always do.

“If I’ve an issue with a film, I always call up the filmmaker and talk to him.

“I don’t want to get into social media chatter.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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