Why has Narinder Kaur called for a new England Flag?

On ‘Good Morning Britain’, things became heated as Narinder Kaur called for a new England flag and explained why.

Why has Narinder Kaur called for a new England Flag f

"that flag has been hijacked by far-right groups"

Narinder Kaur called for a new English flag claiming the current one is “outdated” and represents “negativity” and “racists”.

She was a guest on Good Morning Britain along with former The Apprentice star Thomas Skinner after he came under fire for his St George’s Day Twitter post.

The question ‘Are we ashamed to be English?’ was posed and both had differing views. But things quickly became heated.

Narinder took issue with the English flag and what it represents, saying it “wasn’t inclusive”.

She said: “Let’s get a new flag because that one is outdated.

“It represents far too much negativity in this country, I think we need a new day.

“St George is actually a representation of multiculturalism, and he’s a representation of tolerance, we should be more of a tolerant country.

“We are not that these days.”

Narinder then argued that the England flag had been “hijacked”.

She continued: “You know we should have national pride, I feel Englishmen and women should feel proud.

“But we can’t feel proud when that flag has been hijacked by far-right groups and what it actually represents is ideology that by some virtue of a piece of cloth, we are superior to other nations.

“We conveniently forget our history of slavery links, of colonisation and history of genocide and everything we’ve built up and most countries that celebrate independence day – and I’ve seen a lot of people on social media say well Ireland celebrated and America celebrated – they celebrate because they’re celebrating coming out of tyranny or invasion.”

When stand-in presenter Ed Balls disagreed, Narinder branded him “ignorant”.

He also said: “By the way, we did save Europe from fascism by defeating Hitler and pushing him back, with the help of others.”

Narinder hit back: “It doesn’t really work like that. It doesn’t work like that because you’re saying, ‘Well we stopped that’, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have slavery links.”

As the debate continued to heat up, Susanna Reid tried to diffuse the tension.

When she spotted Tom waving his flag, Narinder took issue, accusing him of showing ignorance.

Stating that he is “proud” to be English, Tom said:

“I don’t think just because a few wrong-uns… the majority of people should be allowed to be proud of where they’ve come from.

“We ain’t letting them take that away from us.”

The debate divided GMB viewers, with many admitting that Narinder’s “shouting” angered them.

One said: “I think she was quite aggressive in tone towards poor Ed! Rude individuals.”

Another wrote: “Wow! She was shouty and aggressive!”

A third asked:

“Why do GMB continually have Narinder Kaur on? She always shouts and can’t debate rationally. Please stop!!!!”

Others accused Narinder Kaur of spouting hate towards everything English.

One user wrote: “What a vile woman! So much hate and vitriol directed at white people. A prime example of a closet racist?”

Another asked: “Why do you keep putting this woman on the air? She clearly hates everything English.”

One comment read: “Race Baiter gonna Race Bait.”

In a series of tweets, Narinder Kaur doubled down on her comments and also hit back at those who accused her of “hating” England.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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