For the Love of Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion is a time classic trend that can add glamour and quirky originality to any wardrobe. Desiblitz takes a look at this growing trend among British Asians.

"I love my vintage jackets because you know that they’re original.”

Seasonal trends come and go, but this trend has been around the longest and vintage fashion is on the rise. With vintage pieces ranging from the 1930’s to 1990’s, there is a time era to suit everyone.

Twiggy, Nina Leen and Meryl Streep all took the world by storm with their classy and original dress senses. It is no wonder that celebs such as Blake Lively and Vanessa Paradis have found love for vintage styling and classic glamour.

With the economic climate in a downward spiral, the idea of reusing materials has become a popular one. The ‘shabby chic’ look has become incorporated into not only clothes, but also furniture and other home products.

Vintage fairs are put on all around the country, where lovers of the look can buy and trade pieces of vintage clothing.

VintageTo most, vintage means old and second-hand, but to others it means originality, diversity and creativity. Vintage fashion is a trend that allows you to wear your personality on your sleeve, so the bolder the better.

Peter Pilotta, Christopher Kane, India’s Kallol Datta and Pakistan’s Al Karam are some of the designers using abstract patterns and prints of vintage clothing in their catwalk shows.

With hundreds of different vintage stores around the UK, the trend is on the rise. The British-Asian style has never been parallel to that of vintage. However, with the diversity vintage fashion allows, it is becoming increasingly popular with both Asian men and women.

DESIblitz asked vintage clothes lover  why vintage fashion is not as popular in the British Asian community: “You have to be very brave to pull off the vintage style, but I believe it could be down to families imposing restrictions on clothing which stops British Asians from being more brave.”


Another Brit-Asian, Karan Kaur, 19 from Birmingham says: “I don’t think it’s very popular amongst Asians because a lot of vintage is second hand and we just don’t tend to buy second hand clothes.”

“Also vintage clothes can be quite loud and risky, and Asian fashion in general is pretty subtle, but then again sometimes the whole point of fashion and vintage clothes is to look different and have really unique clothes so I wouldn’t be too happy if everyone started wearing loads of vintage stuff!”

VintageNikkita Beghi, 19 from London says: “I have a lot of vintage jewellery and lots of stuff my grandma wears or used to wear I chuck on with my clothes, I think they just pull an outfit together and give it an edge that high street fashion can’t.”

“I also think Asian people don’t get vintage fashion, they don’t realise that something vintage can be great for all outfits, and they don’t see the value of a vintage item,” she adds.

Fashion trends are generally focused towards women, however vintage fashion has a big following with men.

Lawrence Dunn, 20 from Birmingham says: “There’s quite a lot for guys, and it’s all things you wouldn’t get on the high street. I love my vintage jackets because you know that they’re original.”

If you’ve never purchased vintage before, follow the tips DESIblitz has for you on how to shop vintage:

  • 1950’s Glamour

The 1950’s tailored look is coming back with a vengeance. From colourful pantsuits to fitted pencil skirts, it is all about accentuating your body’s shape.

  • Vintage History

Every item has a story, so get to know the outfit’s background. Whether it’s a jacket from the 1960’s or a piece of jewellery handed down from generations- getting to know your clothes will make you appreciate your purchase. A bit of nostalgia is always a good thing!

  • Be creative

Being you has never been so easy. Colour clashing, bold fonts and statement jewellery are all part of the vintage look, so pick selected items you love and piece them together to create a look that reflects you.

  • Old is Gold

Believe it or not, but at one point your parents used to be fashionable. If you have family members who have kept their baggy denim jackets or colourful crop top’s, don’t be shy to wear them!

VintageItems of clothing can cost anything from £3 for a neck scarf to £80 for a fur coat. The unique garments found in clothing stores such as Urban Village and Cow cater to everyone’s needs and budgets.

Clothes are a very personal part of an individual, and the vintage style does not shy away from a person showcasing themselves.

Whether you wear a piece of clothing from the 1930’s or choose to represent the era from head to toe, a piece of vintage can fit into your life very easily.

So for 2013, it is time to forget the new and appreciate the old. DESIblitz predicts that vintage fashion will continue to rise, and before we know it, everyone will be creating stories for their clothes.

Huma is a Media student with a passion for writing anything fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. Being a bookworm, her motto in life is: "If you only read what everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."