Suella Braverman grilled over Tory Police Cuts on GMB

Suella Braverman went on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to boast about police recruitment but was instead grilled about the cuts.

Suella Braverman grilled over Tory Police Cuts on GMB f

“You’re not answering the question.”

Suella Braverman was grilled by Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid over Tory police cuts as she prepared to welcome new officer numbers.

The Home Secretary endured a brutal interview as Susanna and Ed Balls tore into the Conservative Party’s record.

Official statistics are expected to show that the government has met its 2019 election manifesto pledge to recruit 20,000 police officers.

But critics highlighted that it would only replace the numbers cut during years of Tory and Liberal Democrat leadership from 2010.

During the interview, Susanna told the Home Secretary:

“You came to government and there were around 142,000 police officers in England and Wales and in 2022 there were around 142,000 in police officers in England and Wales.

“In the meantime, under your Government, the numbers went down to 121,929 in 2017, so when I say you’re just filling the gap, you’re simply just filling the gap.

“Under your Government, 20,000 police officers were cut from our police forces.”

Mrs Braverman claimed: “If we do achieve this target we will have a record number of police officers ever in the history of policing in England and Wales.

“We’re very confident we’re not filling any gaps.”

The clash became heated as Susanna challenged her to admit the cuts, telling her:

“You’re not answering the question.”

Former Shadow Chancellor Ed added:

“The answer’s yes, Home Secretary.”

Suella Braverman eventually blamed the state of the public finances the Tories inherited in 2010 for the cuts.

She said: “We came into power in 2010 inheriting a financial crisis and no money was left by the Labour Government, we had to make very difficult choices.”

When the figures confirmed the manifesto promise had been met, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted:

“In 2019 we promised to recruit 20,000 additional police officers in England and Wales to make our streets safer and protect communities.

“Today, I’m pleased to say we have delivered that promise.”

GMB viewers took to Twitter to criticise Mrs Braverman for refusing to admit the cuts.

One user wrote: “This interview is utterly ridiculous. She doesn’t want to admit their failure even when simple figures are presented.

“Deny, deny, always deny, blaming others and repeating the same music all the time, that is what you get from any Tory interview. I am sick and tired of these clowns.”

Another said: “Answer the question that you have been asked.

“Shameful that you are bragging about restoring the number of police officers that you let go.”

Others praised Susanna for going all-in against the Home Secretary.

A viewer commented: “Susanna Reid on GMB interviewing Home Secretary, Suella Braverman.

“Rightly reminding her that the recruitment target is merely plugging the gap of those officers who have been cut since 2017 onwards.”

Another wrote: “Watching Susanna Reid tie Suella Braverman up in knots about policing on GMB is hilarious.”

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