Suella Braverman blasts Rishi Sunak in Scathing Letter

In a letter to Rishi Sunak after her sacking, Suella Braverman launched an explosive attack on the Prime Minister.

Suella Braverman blasts Rishi Sunak in Scathing Letter

"you have no appetite for doing what is necessary"

Suella Braverman has launched a blistering attack on Rishi Sunak in her letter.

The former Home Secretary told the Prime Minister “your plan is not working”.

She said Mr Sunak had betrayed his pledge to do “whatever it takes” to stop small boats crossing the Channel.

Ms Braverman was sacked as Home Secretary on November 13, 2023, kickstarting a Cabinet reshuffle.

In her three-page letter, she told the PM he had “manifestly and repeatedly” failed to deliver on policy priorities.

Ms Braverman also accused Mr Sunak of having “never had any intention of keeping your promises”.

She said: “Despite you having been rejected by a majority of party members during the summer leadership contest and thus having no personal mandate to be Prime Minister, I agreed to support you because of the firm assurances you gave me on key policy priorities.”

Suella Braverman was dismissed after she came under fire for her newspaper article where she claimed the police had applied a “double standard” to protestors.

The letter claimed Mr Sunak had failed “to rise to the challenge posed by the increasingly vicious antisemitism and extremism displayed on our streets”.

She continued: “I have become hoarse urging you to consider legislation to ban the hate marches and help stem the rising tide of racism, intimidation and terrorist glorification threatening community cohesion.”

Ms Braverman also told Mr Sunak he has “wasted a year” on the Illegal Migration Act.

“Worse than this, your magical thinking – believing that you can will your way through this without upsetting polite opinion – has meant you have failed to prepare any sort of credible ‘Plan B’.”

Ms Braverman provided a backup plan but allegedly did not receive a reply.

“I can only surmise that this is because you have no appetite for doing what is necessary, and therefore no real intention of fulfilling your pledge to the British people.”

Tearing into Mr Sunak, the letter added:

“You have manifestly and repeatedly failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies.”

She concluded: “Either your distinctive style of government means you are incapable of doing so.

“Or, as I must surely conclude now, you never had any intention of keeping your promises.

“Someone needs to be honest: your plan is not working, we have endured record election defeats, your resets have failed and we are running out of time. You need to change course urgently.”

But despite putting pressure on Mr Sunak, Ms Braverman insisted that she will “continue to support the Government in pursuit of policies which align with an authentic conservative agenda”.

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