Midwife Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Show

Live Asia 2019 is a premier dinner and dance show in aid of ‘SDB Everyone Prosper.’ Founder Narinder Kaur talks to DESIblitz about the event and charity.

Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Music Event

"In some parts of India, women still do not get the education"

Live Asia 2019 is a premier dinner and dance musical charity show. The upcoming event will take place at the Shine Banqueting in Willenhall on April 6, 2019.

Midwife Narinder Kaur who is the founder of the charity ‘SDB Everyone Prosper’ has teamed up with Amar Be from The Artist Band to organise this wonderful and meaningful event.

The aim of the event is to raise money for a mobile hub and unit in India. This is particularly to educate young girls and mothers on sex and health education.

Narinder and Amar Be present a fantastic line up of music artists performing on the night.

Major celebrities are supporting this terrific cause. They include Taz Stereo Nation, Kash and Parminder (Azaad), Boota Pardesi (Pardesi), Amar Tooray and Jati Cheed.

The event has a Bhangra and Bollywood theme reflecting the 70s, 80s and 90s. 4 All 2 Envy Dancers, DJ Gurj (Desi Sounds) and magician Dippy Magic will entertain everyone in the crowd.

Jessica Memon from Lyca Radio is the host of the event. Comedian and actor Kulvinder Ghir also pledges his support to this event and sends his best wishes.

In an exclusive Q&A with DESIblitz, Narinder discusses Live Asia 2019, along with her charitable work.

Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Music Event - IA 1

What made you start Live Asia 2019?

For a few years, we have been planning to organise an event or dinner and dance to raise funds towards the projects we are working on at SDB Everyone Prosper.

Our aim is to help the underprivileged people of all ages and use the funds we raise on the event on the projects we are working on.

Live Asia 2019 is an event that Amar Be came up with. The charity wanted to do something special so Amar Be had to use inspiration from Live Aid Bob Geldof. We’re all artists and everybody got together under one roof.

As a qualified midwife, how are you helping?

Currently being a midwife under the NHS, we help to facilitate basic medical camps in rural areas of Punjab. We also offer the service, along with basic first aid to homeless within the UK and where ever needed.

Our charity is predominately run by women so we assist those less fortunate girls towards their education fees, food rations and medication.

Having been a midwife for many years working for the hospital I’ve seen many things through my experience.

With my knowledge working with children and mothers here in the UK, I feel I can offer my knowledge and services where needed i.e in any Asia country all in the world.

Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Music Event - IA 2

What challenges do young girls and mothers face in India?

The biggest challenges faced by young girls and mothers in India is lack of education due to the higher domination of males in society.

In some parts of India, women still do not get the education as what males get so for example period poverty is still a big taboo for the young girls.

Their sanitation is poor and they feel culturally unable to turn to their female elders within their family for support.

This is due to cost, embarrassment, female suppression and lack of health promotion. This is where we use our health care skills and knowledge to assist with education and promoting safer sanitation in Punjab.

Regarding single mums, is this a growing problem?

Yes, it is a growing problem especially in the South Asian community, especially where substance misuse is a major problem.

Women are losing their spouses at a very young age which means they end up as single parents due to lack of education and knowledge.

Parenting is hard work, especially when you have to do it alone. Single mothers are a growing segment of the population as societal norms and family values shift.

There are many issues commonly faced by single mothers that are unique to their circumstances.

Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Music Event - IA 3

Do you have any success stories from the past?

So far we are a new charity and we are in the process to walk on the path of humanity.

We as a team have provided education to several children full time and long term as their parents could not afford to send them to school.

One child, in particular, was refused entry into mainstream schools due to her disability. So, we managed to successfully secure her school admission in a private school.

“We also managed to provide bicycles to those children who had difficulties to attend school.”

The school have reported full attendance as a result.

How will the event benefit your cause?

SDB Everyone Prosper is aiming in building an educational hub in the form of buses.

The buses will be parked in locations, which will aim at girls so they get a form of privacy and get a 1-2-1 service to gain education and knowledge of female medical related subjects.

The event will benefit our cause by raising the funds that we desperately need to continue doing these small projects internationally.

We can confirm that all the funds are totally spent in our charity work. All advertising and promoting, tickets, flights, accommodation and food, while we are in India doing charity work, is self-funded by all volunteers.

The money that we raise is respected and carefully spent in India after careful research and audits by our team in India who look into where the funds are needed the most.

Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Music Event - IA 4

What is the role of Amar Be and The Artist Band?

Amar Be is a known figure in the music industry and has been working alongside many icons in the Bhangra music scene and is a fellow supporter of Everyone Prosper.

We had offered Amar Be alongside The Artist Band to project manage the Live Asia 2019 dinner and dance.

We are really thankful to him as he has put the event together beyond what we had expected as he has legendary artists to perform on the night on a very low budget.

Amar Be has worked around the whole project on a professional level and has the consideration to do the very best for the guests arriving at the event.

What message do you have for our readers?

The message we would like to give your readers is to be humble, be kind and try to help somebody if you can.

What may seem like a small gesture to you may be life-changing to someone else?

“We are aware that we cannot change the world.”

However, we can change somebody’s life by making it better than it was by showing compassion.

If you’d like to join our team then that would be an opportunity for yourself to help others in need.

We are on Facebook as SDB Everyone Prosper. We are consistently uploading information and photographic content of our recent and previous projects.

Narinder Kaur talks Live Asia 2019 Charity Music Event - IA 5

Besides raising money and the musical performances, the event will also have a contributions Awards ceremony.

Outstanding individuals who have done seva (service) in the community will receive awards under different categories.

The Artist Band will be assisting on the entertainment and musically backing the artists at the event.

The Artist Band is an eight-piece band. The band members include Amar Be (dholak/tabla), Raj S Chana (guitarist) Sunny Maz (bass player) and Amarjit (drummer).

To support this excellent charity music event, tickets are available for purchase through pay pal. For more information, check the ‘Live Asia’ Facebook event page here.

A three-course meal will be served at the venue for the attending guests.

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Images courtesy of Narinder Kaur, Amar Be and Parminder Azaad Facebook.

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