Why has Imran Abbas called Talk Shows ‘Toxic’?

Imran Abbas has called out talk shows, labelling them “toxic” and accusing them of relying on “demeaning” celebrities for attention.

Why has Imran Abbas called Talk Shows 'Toxic' f

“Don’t you have anything decent to talk about"

Imran Abbas labelled talk shows as “toxic”, revealing that this is one of the reasons he does not appear on them.

He called out the hosts of such programmes for endorsing negativity and forcing their guests to say something condemning about fellow celebrities.

Speaking on Instagram, Imran said:

“He/she doesn’t know how to act, he/she is overrated, she looks old now and shouldn’t play this character, she looks plastic and horrible after surgery.

“He/she has the worst dress sense and wears tacky clothes. What the hell man?”

Imran also questioned the hosts and asked why it was necessary for them to insult and humiliate other actors and guests just for the sake of a few views.

He asked: “Don’t you have anything decent to talk about, any important issue left in our society to discuss and ponder?

“Can’t you sit for a while for something deep and meaningful which needs our focus or anything which is humourous yet not derogatory?”

Opening up about why he refused invitations to these shows, Imran went on to say:

“Yes, it’s one of the major reasons for me to refuse to go to these shows anymore. I strongly condemn this act of pulling someone down just to seek views.

“That too, at those channels which have failed to draw the attention of the audience through any substantial content.”

He also urged fellow actors to boycott such “wannabe funny/popular shows” and requested that they are mindful of the language they use on such shows.

Imran Abbas added: “Please have some morals and set a precedent since we all have a lot of responsibility when we come on screen as guests and hosts.

“Our whole society and people using social media have already gone insanely negative.

“Please don’t add fuel to the fire by doing this.”

Many fans commented on his post, congratulating him for speaking out on such a topic.

One fan wrote: “Honestly, these rapid fires should be banned, even talk shows too.”

Another fan commented: “Very well said!”

Talk shows have proved popular over the years and audiences appreciate seeing stars in a world outside of scripts.

However, some talk shows have been accused of spreading negativity within the entertainment industry by coaxing celebrities to be open about their opinions regarding fellow actors.

One such incident occurred when actress Nadia Afgan said Yumna Zaidi was an “overrated” actress.

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