Sirf Tum criticised over ‘Bold’ Bedroom Scene

Pakistani drama ‘Sirf Tum’ has come under fire over a “bold” bedroom scene involving lead characters Hamza and Abeer.

Sirf Tum criticised over 'Bold' Bedroom Scene f

"why did she wear such clothes?”

Pakistani drama Sirf Tum has been creating a stir over a bold scene between an engaged couple.

The daily soap, which stars Anmol Baloch, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Hamza Sohail, has angered viewers with the unnecessary scene and bridal outfit.

It begins with Hamza (Mohsin) asking Abeer (Anmol) into his room. When she isn’t looking, he locks the door.

Abeer is wearing a sleeveless dress and Hamza teases her by taking her scarf off, which leads to her slapping him.

Many points were raised regarding the scene. One such point was the bridal dress worn by Abeer.

Viewers argued that if the outfit had sleeves then there would not be such an uproar when the dupatta was snatched from Abeer.

Others came forward to say that Hamza was deserving of the slap.

Comments were also made in general about the lack of moral values in Pakistani serials.

One comment read: “If she [Abeer] had that much shame then why did she wear such clothes?”

Another comment read: “Pakistani dramas are crossing their limits and boundaries.

“They are including cheap trash just for ratings. This is the limit.”

One person labelled the storyline “stupid”.

Sirf Tum has gained a huge fan following and so far, a total of nine episodes have been televised.

The first episode alone attained a viewing of over four million.

The latest drama serial to air on GEO TV is a production of the 7th Sky Entertainment Productions, written by Seema Munaf, and directed by Mazhar Moin.

Anmol Baloch and Mohsin Abbas Haider were previously seen together in the hit drama serial Siyani, which also aired on GEO TV.

Anmol Baloch has starred in many popular dramas and was most recognised for her role as Kiran in Siyani.

She has also appeared in dramas such as Ek Larki Aam Si, Mann Angan, Qurbatain and Aik Sitam Aur.

Mohsin Abbas Haider is also a well-known name in the entertainment industry and has starred in projects such as Meri Guriya and Deewar-e-Shab.

He has also starred in a number of films, such as Load Wedding and Once Upon A Time in Karachi.

Hamza Sohail is the son of legendary actor Sohail Ahmed. He has starred in dramas such as Raqeeb Se, Fairy Tale and Badshah Begum.

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