How to Look Bold and Sexy in the Bedroom

Whether it’s a one-night stand or you’re looking to rekindle the spark, here are our tips to look bold and sexier in the bedroom.

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the Bedroom - f

Heels can go with almost every attire put on.

We can all agree that looking, and feeling, sexy is an important aspect of a healthy romantic relationship.

Since men are naturally moved by what they see, this is an easy way to keep your partner’s eyes glued on you in the bedroom

It’s natural to want to appear more attractive to your partner, and use your physique to seduce him.

This is something you can easily accomplish with the help of our easy-to-implement styling tips and tricks.

Wear Bold Lingerie

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the BedroomThere’s a reason why lingerie is an all-time favourite for looking sexy in the bedroom.

Not only is lingerie going to instantly help you appear hot to your partner, but it’s a quick confidence boost.

Something is exciting about great lingerie, especially one that you like, which makes you feel sexy.

Once you have that subconscious feeling that you’re sexually attractive, this will radiate in your countenance, which your partner will also obviously notice.

When you’re not worrying about the alignment of the lingerie you wear, you will not only appear amazing, but you’ll have a breath of fresh air to feel amazing.

Irrespective of your physique, lingerie will instantly make you look sexier.

Getting high-quality lingerie is recommended to ensure it fits right, and you’re not constantly disturbed by trying to adjust it.

Keep it classy, and only choose lingerie that will make you feel the most confident about yourself.

Wear some High Heels

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the BedroomHigh heels are known for elongating a woman’s legs, making her appear taller, and inevitably, making her look sexier around the leg region.

More so, there’s a significant difference between when you wear flats and when you wear heels.

Your hips and breasts protrude more, and your poise is stellar. This is why wearing heels is an instant method to appear more attractive to your partner.

Heels can go with almost every attire put on, which is a plus advantage irrespective of your style choice.

Though many people avoid wearing heels because they deem it uncomfortable, there are many brands selling comfort with their shoes, which can be your go-to option if you want to appear sexier to men.

Pairing lingerie with your favourite strappy heels is sure to win points in the bedroom.

Red works Wonders

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the BedroomRed is commonly used to grab attention, which is why it’s a statement colour if you want to look sexy in the bedroom.

If you’re trying to get the attention of your partner, then you should incorporate red into your attire.

There are different ways to use red to appear bold, daring, and hot.

You can use it in your lipstick, jewellery, on your fingernails, or even with your shoes.

Also, you can try wearing a satin, red nightwear set to watch your partner swoon over you.

Show your Legs

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the BedroomShowing off your legs is an easy way to appear sexy for your partner.

To get the attention of your man, wearing a short dress or skirt, around the house before heading to the bedroom is a huge turn-on.

However, if you don’t want to show it all, then opting for a gown with a slit is a subtle method to appear more attractive with your legs.

Going all-in with a mini dress will elongate your physique, thereby drawing attention to your legs.

If you choose a flared outfit, it will add more volume to your curves.

Wear Animal Prints

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the BedroomAnimal prints go a long way in exposing curves and adding volume to a woman’s body.

It doesn’t matter the type of physique you have, every woman can make animal prints work.

You can pair it with black heels, or something simple if you’re trying to be subtle.

Animal prints are bold and daring and will catch the attention of your partner both in and out of the bedroom.

Show a Little Cleavage

How to Look Bold and Sexy in the BedroomIf you want to look super sexy, then reveal a naturally bold part of your body, which is your cleavage.

It can be a major wow factor to any outfit, and will easily get your partner to think about how hot you are.

Go ahead and reveal every part of your cleavage with a fitted or loose blouse, but ensure it stands out and highlights your sexiness.

A side boob reveal is another turn-on for men. It is also an alternative to showing some cleavage.

This will add length to your physique since it’s a vertical drop style.

If you have a short neck, this is a style tip that can help your neck appear longer at every angle.

More so, if you have a small bust, you can always fall back on a classic push-up bra to create a sense of fullness.

If you’re trying to look sexier for your partner, then going to bed in oversized clothing or regular pyjamas, is not a recommended option.

Men are naturally moved by what they see, so if you’re able to put together an outfit that reveals your features in the best way possible, he will find you attractive.

There are a variety of outfits men like on women, but this varies, depending on the individual.

What you should always consider, is what works best for you, and how the outfit complements your features.

It is also important to remember that your partner might interpret looking sexy in different ways, other than bold lingerie.

This means you should focus more on what you know your partner would love to see more of, rather than a general opinion of what being sexy looks like.

In time, dressing sexy for him and most importantly for you will be easier than ever.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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